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Face Moisturisers, it Cosmetics, First Aid Beauty & Dr. Jart. Part 2


This is part 2 of my trial of face moisturisers, I am going to review 3 more moisturisers that I bought in mini form from Sephora and give you my opinion on each. I will leave a link here to my last post if you wish to check out some other creams I tried. These sets are a great way to try out different creams without having to break the bank on one product and risk not liking it. Especially as our returns policy in England is MUCH different to the US, here if you don't like it, its tough haha. So you really want to be sure when spending your money on a product.


 1. it cosmetics - confidence in a cream

This cream is amazing, I enjoyed everything about it, the smell, the consistency, how it is not greasy and most of all my skin loved it and looked great from using it. If I did not have other creams to use up I would have repurchased this already. This will for sure be on my wish list for the future. I can see why it cosmetics have been all the rage over the last couple of years, their products are very good, especially for the price.


This cream is available online and in store from Selfridges for a 60ml tub it is £38

My rating 9/10

Recommend/ worth the money full price? Yes, the tub is quite large so I am sure you would get a good few months' use out of this.

 2. First Aid Beauty - Ultra Repair Cream


This cream is available from Feelunique, a 56.7g (2oz) tube for just £10, this is by far the cheapest cream of the 6 I have reviewed and from this website you quite often get free shipping, free gifts and also you can get 10% off your first order. Click the link above and check them out for yourself. Now this cream is also one I have enjoyed using, a little goes a long way and does give your skin a good amount of moisturisation. It is not a moisturiser you could put on in the morning and then apply a face full of make up. It is too thick and takes too long to soak it, so I have been using it mainly at bed time or if I plan on going out make up free. For £10 you will get a lot of product and it really is very good value for money. Although I wouldn't run out to purchase this, if it came in a set I would happily use it all up.

My rating 7/10

Recommend/ worth the money full price? Yes I recommend, that is greatly helped by the price. It's just a great all round cream.

3.  Dr. Jart+ - Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer


Now this cream is odd, but not in a bad way, it comes out the tube as a cream and as soon as you rub it in, it turns to water. It literally looks like you have splashed your face with water. It is very hydrating and my skin looked great from using it, my only complaint is my skin was left feeling a little tacky. I just used this cream for evening time or if I had planned to not wear face make up.

This cream can be purchased in the UK for a ridiculously high price on Amazon, I am not linking that. If you are really interested if not check out good old Sephora. You can purchase a 3.3oz (100ml) tube for $36

My rating 6.5/10

Recommend/ worth the money full price? I think I would recommend this as my skin looked great from using it, its just the tacky feeling left on my skin that has made me think twice as to if I would purchase another tube.

I hope you found these blogposts interesting and helpful? I have enjoyed trying out these brands so much, skincare to me is everything. With good skin you appear younger and have fewer lines and wrinkles on your face. Well hydrated skin is also what you want when applying make up. Make up does not sit well on dry cracked skin. If I could only purchase one of these six creams it would have to be it cosmetics, confidence in a cream. It has obviously been a while since I started writing this blog post so I may have ordered a full size tub of this in the Sephora VIB sale, it worked out cheaper and came with eye cream and a cleanser too! hehe.

Let me know if you know of any moisturisers that you love, I would love to look them up and maybe try them too.

Thanks for reading
Kara xx

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