Sunday, 22 January 2017

DIY Make up Brush Holder


I really enjoyed using a candle from Woodwick, so when it had finished I didn't have the heart to throw away the glass jar. It looks so pretty and shows many different colours in the light.
So rather than put it in the recycling, I put it to good use and jazzed up my tired (well used) brush holder from Sigma.

You can use any container for this, maybe an old mug or a cup you love the look of. I used clear table crystals off Amazon to go inside the candle to support and hold up the brushes. By using these types of table crystals they are not rough and won't damage your brushes.

Here's the finished result, its not expensive to do, looks pretty and will look great on your dressing table or whereever you store your brushes. They look quite compact but they are not squashed and I can easily see each brush. It also means I can store all my brushes in one pot instead of two.
This works great for pens too, so if you have a lot of stationary and fancy getting them tidy in a jar or pot then maybe give this a go.

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Kara xx

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Dewytree Vita Snail Black Sheet Mask


I don't know what made me want to try this mask, the fact I could say I'd had snail filtrate (slime) on my face or that I was so intrigued to see if it would actually work. As I have mentioned before I do love a good sheet mask, it is a lazy gal's way to try and keep good skin. As long as you have cleansed/washed your face, then you can pop it on leave for the recommended time. It gives you a chance to be lazy for 20mins and when the time is up you take it off, massage in all the residue left on your skin! Then hope for good results, sometimes you do and sometimes you don't get them!

I purchased this mask from one of the little Asian shops in London next to China Town and Leicester square. They have so many products available, obviously like this one, some crazy and some not quite so crazy. With a lot of Asian products they know how to jazz up packaging and will have you drawn to a product based on that! (I am one of those suckers). This mask is a Korean brand that, from my research, appears to be quite well known. I tried to read more about them but obviously could only do that when I found websites in English. There were not that many!

This mask is made out of cotton and is hypoallergenic, cotton masks are able to hold a lot of serum. It is better to lie down after you first apply this mask, just so it doesn't slide off your face. In case you wondered what did this mask smell like? ie what does snail goo smell like? Well, all I smelled was orange (sorry if you were expecting something yucky)! This mask contains the extract of tangerine harvested from Jeju-Island, which contains vitamin C to help make your skin bright and the nutrition from snail secretion filtrate makes the skin clear and shiny.
So for around the £3 mark I purchased this in hope of hydrated glowing skin and did I get it?

Well..... the next morning I woke up and my skin looked great, really surprised at how clear and bright it looked. My skin was ever so slightly tacky, only in places where my skin didn't absorb the moisture as much. My nose and across my cheeks are a dry point on my face and it had soaked everything up. I would even say the pores on my face look a little smaller! I should have taken pictures to compare. I have not had a reaction to anything in this mask and I am very impressed.

The next day I went to work with no tinted cream on my face as I felt it looked good, I'm guessing it did as I had a compliment about my skin that afternoon.

My Rating/Recommend: 8.5/10 most definitely recommend

Pros: Over night after just one use my skin looks brighter, hydrated and not so dull. Its only £3 a pop so won't break the bank.

Con: Not found in your local shop (unless you live in the centre of London) can be bought online from Amazon but they seem to only sell them in bulk. So unless you have tried it to see if you like it I'm not sure anyone would jump to buying a full box.

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Kara xx

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Stackers Jewellery Stack


I am always excited to write blog posts, but this one I really wanted to share. I have for a long long time wanted to have one single jewellery box that could house all of my jewellery pieces in one place. I wouldn't go as far as to say I have a lot of jewellery but just that I had a lot of it kept in their own boxes. So when getting ready its a faff to open all the boxes just to pull out a single piece. Also makes you less likely to want to wear it.
After doing a lot of research online and asking a few friends I found Stackers, they are sold in John Lewis but for the full selection go to Stackers' own website. Here you can see the full range, they come in many different sizes and colours.

I decided to to go for the super size stacker with the outer colour  in mink and with stone coloured velvet inside, I love it. I think this colour looks great in your bedroom and will always go with any decor that you have. The top tray closes with a snap closure, this is attached by material. I was a little weary of this, as I wasn't sure how strong it would be.  It is very sturdy and not shown any signs of tearing or becoming a problem.

This is the super size lidded stacker.

The best thing about the stackers range is being able to choose your own individual stacks and then still being able customise them. By adding in an extra roll for watches, bracelets or rings you have even more storage options. You choose all of the trays that best suits your needs, by doing this you can build up the perfect stack for you. And won't have to worry about not having enough space for specific items etc just pick the trays you need. They all stack together perfectly in any order, except obviously the stack with a lid.

There is a range for men, so if you are ever stuck on a gift for a man who likes jewellery, this might be something you could buy.  Especially if he leaves it lying around(?) and you are not a big fan of that! A little storage box may help keep things tidy.

This is the 41 section tray stacker.

I won't lie my first choice of jewellery box which I loved the second I saw it was from Pottery Barn. Its one of those shops you walk in and can imagine all of its contents in your home. Yet we are not millionaires and there is a limit to what I can and will spend! The jewellery box is leather, so pretty and US only. Three reasons I didn't purchase this, first BIG reason being it was $379, second it would not have gone into my suitcase and third reason shipping and taxes were horrendous so that was totally ruled out. :-(

When this stack arrived it came very well packaged, covered in tissue paper and each tray individually wrapped in plastic. The compartments are made of a very soft velvet, so I know my jewellery is very safe in here. The individual compartments do not move so there is no chance of necklaces sliding around and getting tangled. The quality of this jewellery stack is fantastic and pictures do not do it justice. It is a great size and looks good on vanity or chest of drawers.

This is the 11 section stacker

I would love to own the stackers mini travel case (hint to the husband), it can also match the colour stack you already have and when you are not using it, it fits into the 11 section stacker tray. It keeps all your jewellery in one place, neat and tidy. I would never dream of putting my jewellery in my suit case when travelling, so always keep it in my hand luggage and normally just in a small box, this would keep things safe and not tangled up.

The three tier stacker I have, you are able to purchase all three trays for £89.95 or as individual tray depending on your preference and needs. You do not have to have all three tiers you could quite easily add many more or different ones. If you are wanting to invest in a long term piece I really recommend this brand. I love mine and how it looks, it is just so easy to lift up a tray, take what you need and put it straight back. It is convenient, practical and stylish in one.

I recommend this to anyone, go check them out if you are interested. I am sure they must have them on display in larger John Lewis shops? Go touch one and feel how nice they are. If not, here is a link to the website Stackers. You may find something you like on there, go and treat yourself.

Thanks for reading
Kara xx

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Origins VitaZing-SPF15


Just a quick post on this cream. I think it's great, I treat this as a BB cream as it contains a purple tint then blends out to give you a tiny amount of coverage. Don't be put off now I've said the word purple, it does blend out and evens out your natural skin tone. However, if you are a shade close to Casper then I don't think this would suit you. If you just need a little coverage to help correct any redness, maybe help disguise the under eye bags, then you may benefit from this.

A little goes a long way and I like to apply it with either my fingers or with my Sephora Pro Liquid Foundation Brush in No. 63. It has never irritated my skin or broke me out, so if you are not into wearing a full foundation and just want a little skin boost then you may like this. As I have said before, go and ask for a sample if you would like to try it. Take it home and try it in your own time. I am not a fan of sitting in a big department store having people walk past and look at you with a face full of something you may hate!

This moisturiser is hydrating and can be used on most skin types, I love to pop this on when I'm in a hurry and off to work. I don't have time nor want a face of make up for work. My job is far from glamorous and my patients don't give two hoots what I look like ;-)

My rating: 7.5/10

Recommend/ worth the money: Yes, it is £29 for a 50ml tube. You will have this for months, it lasts a long time as you need so little.

Pros: Looks very natural, lasts a long time and is moisturising.

Cons: Not for fair skin.

Thanks for reading
Kara xx

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Michael Kors Bag Review


I have had this bag for almost a year now and I love it. I am super impressed with the pebbled leather, it has worn incredibly well. I prefer the bag without the MK tag as it is very heavy, I don't need the added weight.

This bag can be worn over the shoulder with the shorter or longer strap, or as a cross body.

The inside of this bag is made of material and it has remained clean and not come away from any of the seams. It closes with just a magnetic snap closure so it's not a bag I would ever take to London or anywhere busy.

The inside of the bag is large and can hold many things, you have 4 small pockets and a zip closure, even an attachment for your keys. There is a extra snap pocket to this bag that is ideal for keeping your purse in. I found this brand new in my local TK Maxx, so I don't have all the information on it. Luckily it did come with a dust bag, and for £73 not the usual £250-£300, it was a really good deal.

Like with any purchase you have to be at the right place at the right time, luckily I was. Michael Kors shops can be found all over the country and if you are thinking of buying your first piece maybe check out a discount outlet. I have been to Bicester and to Gunwharf Quays, which both have large shops with a good selection of products available. I personally prefer the pebbled leather as I love the slouchy effect of a worn bag, it gives it character. The most popular saffiano leather remains too structured and stiff for my liking, but would probably stand more of a beating if you are heavy handed

The whole Michael Kors range can be bought online, maybe check it out if you are interested as there is a sale on right now. 

Thanks for reading
Kara xx