Sunday, 18 March 2018

Are Expensive Lip Balms Worth The Money? My Review of Affordable Right Upto High-end Products.


Like most people, I am a massive fan of lip balm and I use it multiple times a day, every day. I prefer to just use a basic chap stick or balm over a colourful lipstick any day. I keep them in every bag I use, in my car, on my bedside table and even on my coffee table in the living room.

These are all in my collection and I have listed them in price order and added a link to where they can be purchased from.

Affordable range

Burt's Bees - £3.99

Burt's Bees lip balm is made with 100% natural ingredients, so this is the kind of balm I have used on my cuticles or even if I've had a dry patch on my face. I know there are no ingredients in here that will irritate my skin, it's a very good all rounder. I find these chap sticks perfect for your hand bag and I use them for work. You never have to dip your finger into a pot, which is perfect and more hygienic when you are at work or out and you may not have the cleanest of hands. 

  • Infused with beeswax, a natural skin conditioner, and Vitamin E to moisturise.
  • Natural lip balms made with 100% natural ingredients.
  • Contain no parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or SLS.

  • SportFX Moisturising Lip Balm - £4.99

    I am surprised just how much I love this lip balm, it does not leave your lips with a film on them and once it has soaked in it is gone and you are fine to apply more. I have read a review saying the tops are not super sturdy and a few have broken. I do now have a slight crack in my lid but as I just keep min in the house and not my bag, this has not been a big problem.
    • Paraben free 
    • Dermatologically tested
    • SPF 15
    • Natural oils
    • Shea Butter
    • Vitamin C, E and F
    La Roche-Posay Nutritic Moisturising Lip Cream - £6.00

    Another good one for your bag, I don't think I have tried a La Roche product that I have not enjoyed. This applies really well and is not greasy. I find this to be longer lasting and perfect to help stop your lips getting chapped in this cold and windy weather, this is perfect if you are planning on being outside in the cold for a long period of time. You won't feel the need to constantly reapply it.
    • 100% hypoallergenic skincare
    • Non-comedogenic (means it won't clog up your skin/ block pores)
    • Made with minimal ingredients and little fragrance 

    Mid-Price Range

    Clarins Instant Light Natural lip perfector - £18.00

    My favourite all rounder. If you want a little colour, hydration and long lasting moisture this is it. Perfect all year round, the packaging is fun and not fussy. The balm applies without needing a mirror, you can wear it alone or over a lipstick. It gives a little shine to the lips but without looking like a gloss, so is fantastic for going from day to night. Perfect natural shine for an evening look.
    • Lips are left looking smooth, shiny and plump
    • Hydrated
    • Long lasting
    • Can be used alone or over a lip stick/ liner

    High end Range

    Dior Crème de Rose Lip Balm - £20.00

    I hate to say this but I think this is the worst balm of this whole bunch. That doesn't mean I hate it, I am just not a fan. For the price you are paying you would expect a lot more. I dislike the occasional white film you are left with on your lips, you apply it and rub your lips together and I feel like I am just moving around the product. I will use this up for sure (look at the cost) but it will remain on my bedside cabinet and be used at night where nobody can see the odd colour it gives my lips.  Lucky husband. ;-)
    • Contains shea butter, rose oils and vitamins A and E
    • moisturising
    • Gives a fullness to the lips
    By Terry Baume de Rose Lip Care - £39.00

    This is lovely and has a hefty price tag to go with it. You could swap a pot of this for a full sized eye shadow palette and to be fair I think that would be a better way of spending that amount of money. I won't lie, I do like this balm and have loved using it, it coats the lips without leaving them feeling caked up with product. It is effective when used at night I have added it into my night time routine and my lips have been feeling fantastic. A little goes a long way so if you were "feeling a little spendy" (anyone catch the Amelia Liana quote there?), then this is a lovely balm to have. I would welcome a full sized tub of this into my collection any day.
    • Soothing rose wax. 
    • Nourishing and emollient floral oils.
    • Hydrating, anti-aging and smoothing Bio-ceramides .
    • Anti-free radical and protective UV filters. 

    The verdict, which one is best?

    So with all these lip balms on the go the real question is, are the high end ones worth the hype and the expense. In my opinion... no, this is probably one of the times where you don't have to invest a lot of money into a product like this. So do I have a favourite form all of these? Yes I do, a clear winner for me has to be the Clarins Instant Light Profector. I keep one of these in my car and I just love it. I put some on every time I am in my car, it is so incredibly moisturising and gives the perfect amount of shine and colour to your lips. You do not need a mirror and no matter the condition of your lips this will always help. If you have been out in the cold and your lips are chapped this will bring them back to life. One thing I love (which some might not think is a good idea, even though I have done this for years) it is that you can keep this in your car no matter the weather. My car can be frozen and the lip product is fine, in the heat of summer exactly the same. No melting as its not a chap stick and the product stays in its tube, no leaking or mess and no need to use your fingers. It has a sweet scent that does not leave a funny taste in your mouth and as it wears off it leaves not a single mark or streak on your lips. It really is worth the little splurge and it will last you months.

    So whats your favourite balm to use at the moment? Find me on IG and Twitter @kara1818 and let me know.

    Thanks for reading
    Kara xx

    Saturday, 10 March 2018

    Mulberry Sample Sale, March 2018


    When I saw an instagram post that Mulberry were having another sample sale (follow ldnsamplesales on instagram for all the latest sample sales happening in London) I originally decided that I wasn't going to go. I had previously had such a good time going to the one last October, but this time I didn't need a bag and I was concerned I'd be tempted to spend a lot of money. On my last visit I purchased a medium quilted Cara in black. However, my husband was heading into London for a business meeting and I had the day off work anyway, so thought I would go to the sale and make a day of it. I could go check out what Mulberry had on offer and then meet him later for a meal and a few drinks.

    So after deciding I would go I followed the email instructions that ask you to choose a day that you wish to attend, everything is clearly linked on London sample sales instagram page. I booked myself to go down on the Thursday, the sale was running from Monday - Friday like before. Last time I went around 10.30 on the Monday so really had the pick of the bags. Here is my previous post if you're interested in seeing how it all looked last time as a different venue.

    This sample sale was held at a building called Adam House on Adam Street which is just off The Strand, I found this location not as easy to get to compared to last time, which was held in Mayfair. I turned up just after 12.00 and walked straight in, there was no queue and this time I wasn't asked to show my confirmation email. I paid my £2 and went down stairs to check in my bag and coat, I always keep out my card and my phone. Luckily I never got asked once to not take any pictures, so I tried to take a few to show the bags available and the layout of the building, which this time around was very different to the last.

    The room was underground and VERY dark, there were spot lights on the ceiling in various places which only lit up a single area that they pointed too. It felt like I should have been coming here for a cocktail not to look at a sample sale. There were three rooms in total, one room that consisted of two archways which allowed you to walk from one room into another. The bag selection was very large this time and I would say they had more bags than before. There were bags of every colour and a few exotic skins too. Even the most popular bags like a Bayswater or a Lily came in a good selection of colours. These bags are very popular and the discounts didn't seem to be as high as some. But still, savings of a few hundred pounds could be had. This time there was a larger selection of coats, lots of thick winter coats. As we are now heading into spring the winter stock has obviously been discounted. They felt like amazing quality but still were pushing £900 an item.

    The leather jackets and the shoes were kept in the third room and this is the room where the tills were, to pay for your items. I looked round the rooms a good few times checking out all of the bags, the amount people there at my time of visiting made the rooms busy but with a little patience I got to look at everything. There were many bags I loved but nothing that I thought that I must have. If you have read my previous post you will have seen the medium Cara bag I own and I am just enjoying that bag so much.

    My last scan of the room lead me to the SLG's (small leather goods) where I came across a small pouch, it was from the Cara collection and matched my bag. I never saw these last time and as I do use a pouch in my bag I thought this was perfect. I was chatting to a member of staff who told me there were only a small number of these pouches available and they were hard to find now. One thing I did not love about this sale was that having such poor lighting, you could not check out your items thoroughly. All sales are finally so I didn't want to pick up an item and find it was scratched or damaged. I collected a couple of good looking pouches and headed to the payment room, where the lighting was better, to inspect the pouches. This may sound a little OCD, but with the pouch being made of lamb skin, I wanted to be sure I was getting an undamaged pouch. At the till I asked if I could have a dust bag or a box to store the pouch in, I 
    was given a box lined with tissue paper in to store it. The box was green and from the new collection which this pouch is not from, I am not worried at all as I now have the perfect place to store this item when I am not using it.

    So what were the pros and cons to this sample sale compared to the last

         - More bags available to purchase.
         - The staff were very friendly and helpful

         - So badly lit
         - Location is harder to get to

    Overall, would I go again? I really would. If you are able to attend I really would recommend going, It is always a good idea to go with an idea of what you would like to buy and a budget you have to spend. You do not want to be sucked in to buying something just because it is "on offer" and end up spending your money in the heat of the moment. The items were again of very good quality, seals on locks and all came with dust bags. I do think this will be a sample sale I will always get excited about and want to attend, you never know when you might hit the jackpot like I did last October and come away with an amazing deal. It has given me the bug to want to attend more, next time I would like to try a clothing sample sale. Follow me on instagram to see what I get up to, its kara1818

    Here is what I purchased to go with my bag, it feels and smells amazing. It is the Cara Delevingne small pouch in quilted nappa (lamb) I purchased this for £75, the RRP £250

    Let me know if you have attended any sample sales that you loved, I would love to hear how other people got on at these sales.

    Thanks for reading

    Kara xx

    Saturday, 13 January 2018

    Boscia Luminizing Pink Charcoal Mask


    I LOVE the black charcoal mask that Boscia brought out many years ago, it has remained a staple in my skincare collection. I have also managed to get a friend addicted to it, which I don't think is too bad for a product that I can't even buy in the country I live in. I recently spotted a pink version of this mask so had to purchase a tube, I was lucky enough to have my husband travel to American not long after the Sephora VIB sale, so I ordered a tube.
    This mask is fun to use if nothing else, if you are totally suckered in by packaging then you will be sucked in by this. Good thing is I think the hype is totally worth it.

    I cleansed my face and used this mask all over, one thing to note is don't go to close to your eyes or anywhere that you have hair. Even the finest hairs on your face will be pulled or removed by using this mask. I left it on for around 30mins till it was fully dry all over. During this process the mask just got tight as all peel off masks do and I did not feel any irritating sensations whilst this was happening.

    Once I pulled the mask off, taking a hair or two I'm sure, my face instantly felt smooth and my skin appeared brighter, I do feel that this mask is very like the black version (ingredients are different). With the black mask I find it to be more of a detoxifying mask, one to pull up and out the impurities in your face. The pink mask I felt it help to lift away dead skin cells but brightened the skin more.

    I used this mask in the evening, so applied a night cream and went to bed. By morning my skin was still very bright and happy from using this mask and I did not break out with any spots. Which I sometimes do from clay or charcoal masks.

    I will be using this mask up for sure, it is a wonderful pick me up for the skin, especially this time of year when we all have a little too much to eat and drink. Way to go Boscia another awesome mask that I will enjoy using. I do recommend this mask, its pink, its fun and most of all it works. Big thumbs up from me again, it can be purchased from Boscia or Sephora. Boscia please come to a shop in the UK so I can purchase you here.

    My ratings:  8.5/10

    Recommend/ worth the money: Yes it's $34 for 2.8oz or 80g for us UK folks.

    Pros: Results after first use, brighter looking skin, skin felt soft, no sulphates, phthalates or parabens

    Cons: Sticks to any hair even the finest, quite a strong smelling mask (not enough to put me off), not sold in the UK.

    Thanks for reading
    Kara xx

    Here is my last review on the black charcoal mask that I made some time back

    Sunday, 7 January 2018

    Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes V Moonstruck Epic Mascara by Younique


    I have had the chance to try out some fabulous products by the brand Younique, I was lucky enough to be sent the whole starter kit. I will do a blog post of my overall thoughts on this kit and what I think about it as a whole very soon. I love mascara and could not wait to try these out, good skin and big lashes are the biggest confidence boost, I find. So here are my thought on these two mascaras, just a little FYI all opinions are my own on any Younique products I review, I am not being paid to write anything. If you see a product you would like to try I will leave a link at the end to a lovely lady Danielle who works with Younique and can help you with any orders. There you can check out all the products available and ask any questions,
    Danielle is lovely and make the transaction quick and easy.

    Right on to these mascaras, first the 3D fiber lash

    3D Fiber Lash Mascara on my left eye
    I have always wanted to try a fiber lash mascara and wondered if they really made a difference or is it just a faff. With this mascara you must first use the transplanting gel, which feels just like a very basic mascara, it coats all of your lashes and helps to separate them and get them ready for the fibers. Next you apply the fibers, I found this very odd as to me it looked like I had a wand of tiny fluff that I was going to place near my eye. I applied a couple of coats of these fibers and you can see it darkens and builds up the lashes, the idea is then to do the same to the other eye and then go back with the clear gel on the first eye to seal the fibers in.
    So was this easy to do? Yes and actually quite fun. The only downside to this mascara was that the fibers flaked over the day, maybe I am not sealing them well enough but I have had a few fall outs over the day. Which is one thing I try to avoid especially when I am at work and can't get in front of a mirror often, I don't want to have panda eyes. If you are not prone to fall out or it just doesn't bother you then I think you would love this mascara, my lashes felt dark, thicker and separated.

    Now the Moonstruck Mascara

    Moonstruck Epic Mascara on my right eye
    I loved this mascara from the very first use, it is very buildable and you can achieve both a natural look or one that is more dramatic. It is very black and gives you not only length but it it helps to build up your lashes making them appear thicker and fuller. I have really enjoyed using this mascara as it is easy to use first thing in the morning when running out the door to work. I can wear it and not have to worry a few coats and I am good to go for the whole day. It is not waterproof but can be removed very easily at the end of the day with a cleanser, you won't need to be there soaking or rubbing your eyes.

    So if I had to choose just one mascara it would have to be the Moonstruck, for its fantastic results
    even from the first use and how it is very long wearing. This is a mascara I would go out and purchase, you will have it for a good few weeks it is not going to dry out on you in a month. It really is worth it.

    If you are interested in any products I mention that are from Younique, please click here and you can have a chat to the lovely Danielle and she will help you with any purchases you wish to make. 

    Thanks for reading

    Monday, 1 January 2018

    Ways to Avoid the Post-Christmas Blues


    Most people I know love Christmas, I being one of them, but Christmas starts in the shops right after Halloween and we have a good 2 months solid of it constantly being pushed in our faces. Christmas advertisement is everywhere so you will never be able to avoid it and what is with the UK taking on the American tradition of Black Friday sales, I think if we are going to have these sales then we should at least have the Thanks Giving dinner etc as well haha why not?

    So after potentially 8 weeks plus of it being everywhere, it is all over in a day. It is a massive build up of buying presents, food and preparing for travel etc. So after all the build we then have these few days between Christmas and new year before we hit January. Or as I think of it, the month of nothingness. January stays dark, cold and quite possible the most miserable month of the year. So we basically need to bugger off to a hot climate or maybe do one or two of the things listed below. Lets wash away these post-Christmas January blues, here are the few things I shall be doing.....

    Have a lovely hot bath - The weather is cold, snow has fallen, why not relax in a lovely bath. Maybe light a few candles and put on your favourite film. We all must do a balancing act with a tablet device of some sort in the bathroom? Why not chuck in your favourite bath bomb or bath product, sit back, relax and enjoy the treat.

    Hit the sales -  I know Christmas is a very expensive time of the year, so I am sure we don't all have bags of money floating around. My favourite way to shop the sales as always is from home, well to be exact I shopped from bed this year. There were a few items I had hoped would go into the sales so I bookmarked them on my laptop and waited till boxing day. I may have purchased a pair of half price Russell and Bromley shoes, now that helped my post Christmas blues haha.

    Plan a day out - To me the most depressing thing in life is not having anything to look forward to, so whilst the nights still draw in pretty quick, why not plan a day out with a friend. Maybe go out to your favourite restaurant, bar or have afternoon tea. I also quite like just having lunch at a friends house, it gets you out of your house and if you offer to bring lunch, how can they say no. Lots of cups of tea, a little lunch and a good old catch up *cough cough* (GOSSIP) really is good for the soul. I find just having something to look forward to will take then edge of going back to work after the Christmas period.

    Go through your wardrobe/ have a clear out - I love having a clear out, there isn't usually much to clear out in my wardrobe as I don't really have that many clothes. I always think by having a clear out of clothes, skincare or make up is a great way to rid any products that have expired or that you just wont use. The less clutter around the better you feel. Clear house, clear mind. If you have any unused products you can share them with family or friends and clothing you can donate as long as it is in good condition. So its a win win situation, clear house and donating things to help a good cause.

    Plan an evening in -If you are thinking but I spend most of my evenings in, well treat this one differently. Don't do your usual evening routine, jazz it up and plan something different and a little fun. Make your favourite meal, use a face mask, a hair mask etc. I am sure some of you must have lots of these sample/ deluxe size products that need using up. (If you have cleaned out your draws I am sure you found something) Light that candle you were saving and open that lovely bottle of your favourite tipple/ or put the kettle on if that is what you'd prefer. Why wait for that special occasion, when keeping yourself in good spirits is more important. Kick the arse of the winter blues and enjoy the little things in life that make you happy.

    I wish you all the best for 2018 and thanks to everyone that reads my blog, I want to try and post more regularly like I used to. This year has been tough in parts so my blog has taken a back seat, fingers crossed this is our year.

    Thanks for reading

    Kara xx

    Thursday, 28 December 2017

    The wear and tear of a Mulberry Clifton Bag (6 weeks - 8 months on)


    I purchased this amazing bag on 19th March 2017 and apart from preparing it to be used, here is a link to a blog post on how I prepared it for continual use. I have been using this bag everyday so far, today is 5th May and I just love it.

    The bag looks just as good as it did when I first bought it, the suede has a slightly more brushed effect to it from me using the bag but it does in no way look dirty or take away the lovely effect of the bag.  There are no marks/ scratches on this bag at all. I have treated the bag a couple of times since having it and it just absorbs the cream and to me it brings back a little of the colour and a little shine. Just in the same way when you polish a pair of shoes, they still look the same when dirty but but cleaning them just improves their overall look.

    I have worn it on one shoulder, cross body and just under my arm when in a hurry. I have also been caught out in a few spots of rain (nothing too heavy) and the bag again looks no different. By using the water resistant spray it really does help prolong the life of the bag. I have owned Mulberry bags before but they have been SLG's (small leather goods) or smaller bags, I have always wondered are the larger more expensive bags really worth it? You really are spending such a lot of money on one item and although I think some people will disagree with me, I do think they really are. The stitching, the leathers used and just how it wears is incredible and unlike any other brand I have owned. Each bag is individually hand made and you can see why they last so well with the amount of time and effort took to make each item. I know it won't be anytime soon but I really would take the plunge again and buy another piece. If you really love and take care of the item there is no reason why it should not last you years and years. You do see a few online that look like they have been dragged along a tarmac road by a car, these people are mad! I myself am crazy picky and maybe its partly me being super fussy or partly being an only child but I really do love and look after my items.

    So after around 6 weeks of use it really is a massive thumbs up from me, I am extremely happy with it. I did lots of research into what kind of bag I wanted, what bag did I like look of and what can the bag offer me in terms of everyday use. No good buying a mini Lily with the intention of it being your everyday bag! Also another good tip is to go to the shop and see, touch and try on the bags. I recommend going to New Bond Street, they have the best selection and the staff have always been so friendly, helpful and never pushy. I had 2-3 bags in my mind I wanted to try on with the intention of buying one of them and guess what non of them were the the on purchased in the end (the Clifton). It just goes to show how important it is to go and see them in person, online I didn't like the look of it, in person it turns into a leather organisational dream.

    Right before I bore the socks off you, I will leave this post here and come back to it in a few months, Wow summer will be over by then, lets hope we get one and fit many BBQ's in. Bye for now, I'm off to enjoy my bag some more.....

    Hey I am back and it is now December, I went away in Sept and put my bag away just before I went. I did use the bag for 6 months straight and it does still look the same, the suede has its lovely brushed effect but the leather is still as good as new and even now still has a lovely smell about it. This bag has been fantastic, I have loved using it so much. I have never got this much joy from using a bag before haha, I have also had quite a few compliments on its too, a person who loves Mulberry will always spot a bag from afar. They also know what the bag is called and its colour.

    Here are some pictures of the bag before I used it, this is what it looks like now!

    Before being used
    The 1st and 3rd picture of this bag were taken straight after I received it in the post. Obviously the lighting is different to the pictures I have taken recently but then the seasons have changed and it is so much darker this time of year.
    The bag in this picture is fully stuffed with its tissue paper to hold its shape.

    After 7-8 months of use
     This picture is 8 months on and the bag is completely empty, it has worn so well and when filled with my things fills out just the same as the picture above. The gold hard wear shows no sign on use or scratches in any way, the same as the leather, not a single blemish to be seen anywhere.
    I found this bag very easy to clean and keep clean. Here is a link to a previous blog post telling you what products I use and how I keep my bags looking their best for longer.

    Before use
     The inside of the bag including all 3 compartments are all made of suede and I was a little hesitant as to how well this would last and if I could keep it clean as suede is such a delicate leather to look after.

    Over time the leather has also softened and is not quite as stiff as when the bag was first purchased. The stitching is still perfect and the piping round the bag looks no different to the day I pusrchased it.

    7-8 months on

    As you can see by this picture the suede still looks fantastic, it has more a brushed effect to it from my always touching it when going in and out of the bag. This does not in anyway detract from how pretty this bag is and it does not look worn in. I think it just addds to the bag.

     So the big question is would I buy an expensive Mulberry bag again? and the answer is I already have (covers face with hands) If you are interested in why I purchased another bag so soon then click here and you will find out more and it also may help you to find a bargain too. I do have to wait till Christmas to receive this bag though, as my husband kindly bought it for me for Christmas. (Can't wait to use it, Thanks Chippy xxx)
    Like I have said before I really REALLY enjoy using this bag, I have always loved and looked after my bags but the quality of the leather, how well it has been hand made and stitched together makes me love it even more. As with a lot of things in life you do get what you pay for and lets face it I could be spending my money on something far worse.

    Have you made any big handbag purchases lately? Is there a bag out there calling your name? I'd love to know, come and find me on Instagram @Kara1818 and lets chat bags.

    Thanks for reading
    Kara xx

    Saturday, 16 December 2017

    Face Moisturisers, it Cosmetics, First Aid Beauty & Dr. Jart. Part 2


    This is part 2 of my trial of face moisturisers, I am going to review 3 more moisturisers that I bought in mini form from Sephora and give you my opinion on each. I will leave a link here to my last post if you wish to check out some other creams I tried. These sets are a great way to try out different creams without having to break the bank on one product and risk not liking it. Especially as our returns policy in England is MUCH different to the US, here if you don't like it, its tough haha. So you really want to be sure when spending your money on a product.


     1. it cosmetics - confidence in a cream

    This cream is amazing, I enjoyed everything about it, the smell, the consistency, how it is not greasy and most of all my skin loved it and looked great from using it. If I did not have other creams to use up I would have repurchased this already. This will for sure be on my wish list for the future. I can see why it cosmetics have been all the rage over the last couple of years, their products are very good, especially for the price.


    This cream is available online and in store from Selfridges for a 60ml tub it is £38

    My rating 9/10

    Recommend/ worth the money full price? Yes, the tub is quite large so I am sure you would get a good few months' use out of this.

     2. First Aid Beauty - Ultra Repair Cream


    This cream is available from Feelunique, a 56.7g (2oz) tube for just £10, this is by far the cheapest cream of the 6 I have reviewed and from this website you quite often get free shipping, free gifts and also you can get 10% off your first order. Click the link above and check them out for yourself. Now this cream is also one I have enjoyed using, a little goes a long way and does give your skin a good amount of moisturisation. It is not a moisturiser you could put on in the morning and then apply a face full of make up. It is too thick and takes too long to soak it, so I have been using it mainly at bed time or if I plan on going out make up free. For £10 you will get a lot of product and it really is very good value for money. Although I wouldn't run out to purchase this, if it came in a set I would happily use it all up.

    My rating 7/10

    Recommend/ worth the money full price? Yes I recommend, that is greatly helped by the price. It's just a great all round cream.

    3.  Dr. Jart+ - Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer


    Now this cream is odd, but not in a bad way, it comes out the tube as a cream and as soon as you rub it in, it turns to water. It literally looks like you have splashed your face with water. It is very hydrating and my skin looked great from using it, my only complaint is my skin was left feeling a little tacky. I just used this cream for evening time or if I had planned to not wear face make up.

    This cream can be purchased in the UK for a ridiculously high price on Amazon, I am not linking that. If you are really interested if not check out good old Sephora. You can purchase a 3.3oz (100ml) tube for $36

    My rating 6.5/10

    Recommend/ worth the money full price? I think I would recommend this as my skin looked great from using it, its just the tacky feeling left on my skin that has made me think twice as to if I would purchase another tube.

    I hope you found these blogposts interesting and helpful? I have enjoyed trying out these brands so much, skincare to me is everything. With good skin you appear younger and have fewer lines and wrinkles on your face. Well hydrated skin is also what you want when applying make up. Make up does not sit well on dry cracked skin. If I could only purchase one of these six creams it would have to be it cosmetics, confidence in a cream. It has obviously been a while since I started writing this blog post so I may have ordered a full size tub of this in the Sephora VIB sale, it worked out cheaper and came with eye cream and a cleanser too! hehe.

    Let me know if you know of any moisturisers that you love, I would love to look them up and maybe try them too.

    Thanks for reading
    Kara xx