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Mulberry Sample Sale, March 2018


When I saw an instagram post that Mulberry were having another sample sale (follow ldnsamplesales on instagram for all the latest sample sales happening in London) I originally decided that I wasn't going to go. I had previously had such a good time going to the one last October, but this time I didn't need a bag and I was concerned I'd be tempted to spend a lot of money. On my last visit I purchased a medium quilted Cara in black. However, my husband was heading into London for a business meeting and I had the day off work anyway, so thought I would go to the sale and make a day of it. I could go check out what Mulberry had on offer and then meet him later for a meal and a few drinks.

So after deciding I would go I followed the email instructions that ask you to choose a day that you wish to attend, everything is clearly linked on London sample sales instagram page. I booked myself to go down on the Thursday, the sale was running from Monday - Friday like before. Last time I went around 10.30 on the Monday so really had the pick of the bags. Here is my previous post if you're interested in seeing how it all looked last time as a different venue.

This sample sale was held at a building called Adam House on Adam Street which is just off The Strand, I found this location not as easy to get to compared to last time, which was held in Mayfair. I turned up just after 12.00 and walked straight in, there was no queue and this time I wasn't asked to show my confirmation email. I paid my £2 and went down stairs to check in my bag and coat, I always keep out my card and my phone. Luckily I never got asked once to not take any pictures, so I tried to take a few to show the bags available and the layout of the building, which this time around was very different to the last.

The room was underground and VERY dark, there were spot lights on the ceiling in various places which only lit up a single area that they pointed too. It felt like I should have been coming here for a cocktail not to look at a sample sale. There were three rooms in total, one room that consisted of two archways which allowed you to walk from one room into another. The bag selection was very large this time and I would say they had more bags than before. There were bags of every colour and a few exotic skins too. Even the most popular bags like a Bayswater or a Lily came in a good selection of colours. These bags are very popular and the discounts didn't seem to be as high as some. But still, savings of a few hundred pounds could be had. This time there was a larger selection of coats, lots of thick winter coats. As we are now heading into spring the winter stock has obviously been discounted. They felt like amazing quality but still were pushing £900 an item.

The leather jackets and the shoes were kept in the third room and this is the room where the tills were, to pay for your items. I looked round the rooms a good few times checking out all of the bags, the amount people there at my time of visiting made the rooms busy but with a little patience I got to look at everything. There were many bags I loved but nothing that I thought that I must have. If you have read my previous post you will have seen the medium Cara bag I own and I am just enjoying that bag so much.

My last scan of the room lead me to the SLG's (small leather goods) where I came across a small pouch, it was from the Cara collection and matched my bag. I never saw these last time and as I do use a pouch in my bag I thought this was perfect. I was chatting to a member of staff who told me there were only a small number of these pouches available and they were hard to find now. One thing I did not love about this sale was that having such poor lighting, you could not check out your items thoroughly. All sales are finally so I didn't want to pick up an item and find it was scratched or damaged. I collected a couple of good looking pouches and headed to the payment room, where the lighting was better, to inspect the pouches. This may sound a little OCD, but with the pouch being made of lamb skin, I wanted to be sure I was getting an undamaged pouch. At the till I asked if I could have a dust bag or a box to store the pouch in, I 
was given a box lined with tissue paper in to store it. The box was green and from the new collection which this pouch is not from, I am not worried at all as I now have the perfect place to store this item when I am not using it.

So what were the pros and cons to this sample sale compared to the last

     - More bags available to purchase.
     - The staff were very friendly and helpful

     - So badly lit
     - Location is harder to get to

Overall, would I go again? I really would. If you are able to attend I really would recommend going, It is always a good idea to go with an idea of what you would like to buy and a budget you have to spend. You do not want to be sucked in to buying something just because it is "on offer" and end up spending your money in the heat of the moment. The items were again of very good quality, seals on locks and all came with dust bags. I do think this will be a sample sale I will always get excited about and want to attend, you never know when you might hit the jackpot like I did last October and come away with an amazing deal. It has given me the bug to want to attend more, next time I would like to try a clothing sample sale. Follow me on instagram to see what I get up to, its kara1818

Here is what I purchased to go with my bag, it feels and smells amazing. It is the Cara Delevingne small pouch in quilted nappa (lamb) I purchased this for £75, the RRP £250

Let me know if you have attended any sample sales that you loved, I would love to hear how other people got on at these sales.

Thanks for reading

Kara xx

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