Monday, 1 January 2018

Ways to Avoid the Post-Christmas Blues


Most people I know love Christmas, I being one of them, but Christmas starts in the shops right after Halloween and we have a good 2 months solid of it constantly being pushed in our faces. Christmas advertisement is everywhere so you will never be able to avoid it and what is with the UK taking on the American tradition of Black Friday sales, I think if we are going to have these sales then we should at least have the Thanks Giving dinner etc as well haha why not?

So after potentially 8 weeks plus of it being everywhere, it is all over in a day. It is a massive build up of buying presents, food and preparing for travel etc. So after all the build we then have these few days between Christmas and new year before we hit January. Or as I think of it, the month of nothingness. January stays dark, cold and quite possible the most miserable month of the year. So we basically need to bugger off to a hot climate or maybe do one or two of the things listed below. Lets wash away these post-Christmas January blues, here are the few things I shall be doing.....

Have a lovely hot bath - The weather is cold, snow has fallen, why not relax in a lovely bath. Maybe light a few candles and put on your favourite film. We all must do a balancing act with a tablet device of some sort in the bathroom? Why not chuck in your favourite bath bomb or bath product, sit back, relax and enjoy the treat.

Hit the sales -  I know Christmas is a very expensive time of the year, so I am sure we don't all have bags of money floating around. My favourite way to shop the sales as always is from home, well to be exact I shopped from bed this year. There were a few items I had hoped would go into the sales so I bookmarked them on my laptop and waited till boxing day. I may have purchased a pair of half price Russell and Bromley shoes, now that helped my post Christmas blues haha.

Plan a day out - To me the most depressing thing in life is not having anything to look forward to, so whilst the nights still draw in pretty quick, why not plan a day out with a friend. Maybe go out to your favourite restaurant, bar or have afternoon tea. I also quite like just having lunch at a friends house, it gets you out of your house and if you offer to bring lunch, how can they say no. Lots of cups of tea, a little lunch and a good old catch up *cough cough* (GOSSIP) really is good for the soul. I find just having something to look forward to will take then edge of going back to work after the Christmas period.

Go through your wardrobe/ have a clear out - I love having a clear out, there isn't usually much to clear out in my wardrobe as I don't really have that many clothes. I always think by having a clear out of clothes, skincare or make up is a great way to rid any products that have expired or that you just wont use. The less clutter around the better you feel. Clear house, clear mind. If you have any unused products you can share them with family or friends and clothing you can donate as long as it is in good condition. So its a win win situation, clear house and donating things to help a good cause.

Plan an evening in -If you are thinking but I spend most of my evenings in, well treat this one differently. Don't do your usual evening routine, jazz it up and plan something different and a little fun. Make your favourite meal, use a face mask, a hair mask etc. I am sure some of you must have lots of these sample/ deluxe size products that need using up. (If you have cleaned out your draws I am sure you found something) Light that candle you were saving and open that lovely bottle of your favourite tipple/ or put the kettle on if that is what you'd prefer. Why wait for that special occasion, when keeping yourself in good spirits is more important. Kick the arse of the winter blues and enjoy the little things in life that make you happy.

I wish you all the best for 2018 and thanks to everyone that reads my blog, I want to try and post more regularly like I used to. This year has been tough in parts so my blog has taken a back seat, fingers crossed this is our year.

Thanks for reading

Kara xx

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