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Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes V Moonstruck Epic Mascara by Younique


I have had the chance to try out some fabulous products by the brand Younique, I was lucky enough to be sent the whole starter kit. I will do a blog post of my overall thoughts on this kit and what I think about it as a whole very soon. I love mascara and could not wait to try these out, good skin and big lashes are the biggest confidence boost, I find. So here are my thought on these two mascaras, just a little FYI all opinions are my own on any Younique products I review, I am not being paid to write anything. If you see a product you would like to try I will leave a link at the end to a lovely lady Danielle who works with Younique and can help you with any orders. There you can check out all the products available and ask any questions,
Danielle is lovely and make the transaction quick and easy.

Right on to these mascaras, first the 3D fiber lash

3D Fiber Lash Mascara on my left eye
I have always wanted to try a fiber lash mascara and wondered if they really made a difference or is it just a faff. With this mascara you must first use the transplanting gel, which feels just like a very basic mascara, it coats all of your lashes and helps to separate them and get them ready for the fibers. Next you apply the fibers, I found this very odd as to me it looked like I had a wand of tiny fluff that I was going to place near my eye. I applied a couple of coats of these fibers and you can see it darkens and builds up the lashes, the idea is then to do the same to the other eye and then go back with the clear gel on the first eye to seal the fibers in.
So was this easy to do? Yes and actually quite fun. The only downside to this mascara was that the fibers flaked over the day, maybe I am not sealing them well enough but I have had a few fall outs over the day. Which is one thing I try to avoid especially when I am at work and can't get in front of a mirror often, I don't want to have panda eyes. If you are not prone to fall out or it just doesn't bother you then I think you would love this mascara, my lashes felt dark, thicker and separated.

Now the Moonstruck Mascara

Moonstruck Epic Mascara on my right eye
I loved this mascara from the very first use, it is very buildable and you can achieve both a natural look or one that is more dramatic. It is very black and gives you not only length but it it helps to build up your lashes making them appear thicker and fuller. I have really enjoyed using this mascara as it is easy to use first thing in the morning when running out the door to work. I can wear it and not have to worry a few coats and I am good to go for the whole day. It is not waterproof but can be removed very easily at the end of the day with a cleanser, you won't need to be there soaking or rubbing your eyes.

So if I had to choose just one mascara it would have to be the Moonstruck, for its fantastic results
even from the first use and how it is very long wearing. This is a mascara I would go out and purchase, you will have it for a good few weeks it is not going to dry out on you in a month. It really is worth it.

If you are interested in any products I mention that are from Younique, please click here and you can have a chat to the lovely Danielle and she will help you with any purchases you wish to make. 

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