Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Dewytree Vita Snail Black Sheet Mask


I don't know what made me want to try this mask, the fact I could say I'd had snail filtrate (slime) on my face or that I was so intrigued to see if it would actually work. As I have mentioned before I do love a good sheet mask, it is a lazy gal's way to try and keep good skin. As long as you have cleansed/washed your face, then you can pop it on leave for the recommended time. It gives you a chance to be lazy for 20mins and when the time is up you take it off, massage in all the residue left on your skin! Then hope for good results, sometimes you do and sometimes you don't get them!

I purchased this mask from one of the little Asian shops in London next to China Town and Leicester square. They have so many products available, obviously like this one, some crazy and some not quite so crazy. With a lot of Asian products they know how to jazz up packaging and will have you drawn to a product based on that! (I am one of those suckers). This mask is a Korean brand that, from my research, appears to be quite well known. I tried to read more about them but obviously could only do that when I found websites in English. There were not that many!

This mask is made out of cotton and is hypoallergenic, cotton masks are able to hold a lot of serum. It is better to lie down after you first apply this mask, just so it doesn't slide off your face. In case you wondered what did this mask smell like? ie what does snail goo smell like? Well, all I smelled was orange (sorry if you were expecting something yucky)! This mask contains the extract of tangerine harvested from Jeju-Island, which contains vitamin C to help make your skin bright and the nutrition from snail secretion filtrate makes the skin clear and shiny.
So for around the £3 mark I purchased this in hope of hydrated glowing skin and did I get it?

Well..... the next morning I woke up and my skin looked great, really surprised at how clear and bright it looked. My skin was ever so slightly tacky, only in places where my skin didn't absorb the moisture as much. My nose and across my cheeks are a dry point on my face and it had soaked everything up. I would even say the pores on my face look a little smaller! I should have taken pictures to compare. I have not had a reaction to anything in this mask and I am very impressed.

The next day I went to work with no tinted cream on my face as I felt it looked good, I'm guessing it did as I had a compliment about my skin that afternoon.

My Rating/Recommend: 8.5/10 most definitely recommend

Pros: Over night after just one use my skin looks brighter, hydrated and not so dull. Its only £3 a pop so won't break the bank.

Con: Not found in your local shop (unless you live in the centre of London) can be bought online from Amazon but they seem to only sell them in bulk. So unless you have tried it to see if you like it I'm not sure anyone would jump to buying a full box.

Thanks for reading
Kara xx

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