Sunday, 15 January 2017

Stackers Jewellery Stack


I am always excited to write blog posts, but this one I really wanted to share. I have for a long long time wanted to have one single jewellery box that could house all of my jewellery pieces in one place. I wouldn't go as far as to say I have a lot of jewellery but just that I had a lot of it kept in their own boxes. So when getting ready its a faff to open all the boxes just to pull out a single piece. Also makes you less likely to want to wear it.
After doing a lot of research online and asking a few friends I found Stackers, they are sold in John Lewis but for the full selection go to Stackers' own website. Here you can see the full range, they come in many different sizes and colours.

I decided to to go for the super size stacker with the outer colour  in mink and with stone coloured velvet inside, I love it. I think this colour looks great in your bedroom and will always go with any decor that you have. The top tray closes with a snap closure, this is attached by material. I was a little weary of this, as I wasn't sure how strong it would be.  It is very sturdy and not shown any signs of tearing or becoming a problem.

This is the super size lidded stacker.

The best thing about the stackers range is being able to choose your own individual stacks and then still being able customise them. By adding in an extra roll for watches, bracelets or rings you have even more storage options. You choose all of the trays that best suits your needs, by doing this you can build up the perfect stack for you. And won't have to worry about not having enough space for specific items etc just pick the trays you need. They all stack together perfectly in any order, except obviously the stack with a lid.

There is a range for men, so if you are ever stuck on a gift for a man who likes jewellery, this might be something you could buy.  Especially if he leaves it lying around(?) and you are not a big fan of that! A little storage box may help keep things tidy.

This is the 41 section tray stacker.

I won't lie my first choice of jewellery box which I loved the second I saw it was from Pottery Barn. Its one of those shops you walk in and can imagine all of its contents in your home. Yet we are not millionaires and there is a limit to what I can and will spend! The jewellery box is leather, so pretty and US only. Three reasons I didn't purchase this, first BIG reason being it was $379, second it would not have gone into my suitcase and third reason shipping and taxes were horrendous so that was totally ruled out. :-(

When this stack arrived it came very well packaged, covered in tissue paper and each tray individually wrapped in plastic. The compartments are made of a very soft velvet, so I know my jewellery is very safe in here. The individual compartments do not move so there is no chance of necklaces sliding around and getting tangled. The quality of this jewellery stack is fantastic and pictures do not do it justice. It is a great size and looks good on vanity or chest of drawers.

This is the 11 section stacker

I would love to own the stackers mini travel case (hint to the husband), it can also match the colour stack you already have and when you are not using it, it fits into the 11 section stacker tray. It keeps all your jewellery in one place, neat and tidy. I would never dream of putting my jewellery in my suit case when travelling, so always keep it in my hand luggage and normally just in a small box, this would keep things safe and not tangled up.

The three tier stacker I have, you are able to purchase all three trays for £89.95 or as individual tray depending on your preference and needs. You do not have to have all three tiers you could quite easily add many more or different ones. If you are wanting to invest in a long term piece I really recommend this brand. I love mine and how it looks, it is just so easy to lift up a tray, take what you need and put it straight back. It is convenient, practical and stylish in one.

I recommend this to anyone, go check them out if you are interested. I am sure they must have them on display in larger John Lewis shops? Go touch one and feel how nice they are. If not, here is a link to the website Stackers. You may find something you like on there, go and treat yourself.

Thanks for reading
Kara xx

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