Friday, 1 September 2017

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm


I am a BIG fan of cleansers and am always wanting to try new ones, so when I found Emma Hardie's Moringa Cleansing Balm online for about 30% off the RRP I snapped it up quickly.
When I look for cleansers I want them to be able to remove all my make up and for them be good at removing eye make up to. I don't want sore eyes or that awful blurry vision you get from some.
The box and the packaging of this product are excellent and really do give it a high end feel. The only thing that could make it feel more luxurious was if the tub was made of glass and not plastic. It would end up weighing a tonne then though, so plastic is a good option.
This large jar of this Moringa cleansing balm is £39, you get 100ml of product. A little goes a long way with this cleansing balm, I usually hate anything balm/oil based but this I LOVE. I use it all over my face including my eyes, I am not really into double cleansing. Laziness probably is to blame for that, so when it comes to taking off my make up I want one product that will do it all.
The muslin cloth is very thick and made of cotton one side a muslin on the other. It is SO soft and by far the best muslin cloth I have ever used. I am looking to purchase a few more, they come in a pack of three.
This removes your make up so well and feels amazing on the skin, during and after use. You are not left with any oil or grease on your face, just make up free clean skin.
The balm has a clean and slight citrus smell to it which I quite like, you will end up having this cleanser for weeks as a little amount can do your whole face.
This can be used as an over night facial too, as it is oil consistency when warmed up I don't fancy going to bed with it on. I don't want to be washing greasy pillow cases.

My rating: 9/10

Recommend/ worth the money: YES, it is totally worth the money. You use such a tiny amount everyday, you are going to have it for weeks.

Pros: Can be used twice a day, removes 99% of all make up, skin feels great no tight feeling or dryness, it has more than one use, smells good, muslin cloth is the best I have ever tried.
Emma Hardie products can now be purchased in Marks & Spencer and online there too, go give them a sniff and a try.

Cons: Sometimes takes a second cleanse over the eyes, just to remove stubborn mascara. But its no bother and does not require using any other product.
Thanks for reading
Kara xx

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