Sunday, 27 August 2017

Hunting For The Best Face Moisturisers, Drunk Elephant, Sunday Riley & Kate Somerville. Part 1


I was lucky enough to order a quench your skin set from Sephora, which I am SO excited to start using. I love skincare a lot and am really eager to see what ones I like and if I would repurchase any of them. The set retailed for $48 originally costing $88 and I got an extra 10% off for being a VIB member. I am now a silver card member in a shop that isn't even in my own country, for being a regular spender, I'm not sure if I should be ashamed or proud? Lets go with secretly proud haha.

I have picked 6 creams out of the box that I am most eager to try and I shall review 3 in this post and 3 more in a post later on. As with a lot of products I love, they seem to only be available in the US which is a pain for us gals in England, Sephora does now ship to the UK but there are restrictions. I will try and list a UK website if I find one, in case you want to try any of these products yourself.

For years I have wanted to try some of these so here is what I thought.

1.  Drunk Elephant - Lala Retro Whipped Cream


This cream is unfortunately only available in the US and retails for a 50ml/1.69oz tub its $60. Here is a link if you wish to read up more though, and if you visit the US pop into Sephora when you can try out the cream yourself.
This cream smells like salt and vinegar crisps unfortunately but it worked very well and was very hydrating. It has a very thick consistency and needs to be warmed up in your fingers first before applying. As it is so thick I found I could only use this at night time (which I don't mind, I use La Roche most mornings) by morning my skin felt smooth and plumped up. 

My rating: 6.5/10

Recommend/ worth the money full price: Although this cream worked really well the smell alone was enough for me to not want to purchase this again which is a shame. Rating has been lowered due to the smell. It is not worth the money.

2. Sunday Riley - Tidal


This cream is available at SpaceNK for a 50ml tub it is £60.

I like the gel like consistency of this cream a little goes a long way and even this tiny tub lasted me a couple of weeks. This cream again like the one above smelt horrible, like cooked greens and not in a spa like way which tends to be nice. It was not pleasant and according to my husband my face smelt like pee! not really want you want to hear from your husband. Even though the consistency was gel like I again needed to use this cream at night as it was too heavy for day time, my skin would of greased up over the day.

My rating: 6/10

Recommend/ worth the money full price: I liked how my skin felt the next morning but again the smell was enough for me to not want to purchase this cream again. Shame, I had high hopes for this one especially. It is also not worth they money.

3. Kate Somerville - Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream


I have wanted to try this for years (literally years), I'm even drawn to the packaging you have in the larger tubs, you push down the lid and out comes some product. I like it ;-) Unfortunately I can not find this product here in the UK but you can pick it up from Sephora if you ever get to go onto a store? Sephora does have stores round the EU not just America but none in the UK for some VERY strange reason! Only good thing about that is I am saving money, kind of. Slightly off topic but I do find the Sephohras in America do stock the most products, so I would prefer to shop there if I had the choice. The selection there is huge!
This cream comes in a 1.7oz (just under 50ml) tub for $65
Now this cream does not have a smell, its very hydrating but  not necessarily one that has to be used at night time. I could get away with using this during the day, The cream has more if a runny texture and is absorbed quite quickly into he skin. 

 My rating: 8/10

Recommend/ worth the money full price: Yes, I have really enjoyed using this cream each night. I still like to add in an acid to encourage cell turn over but this is a really nice all round cream, that my skin has enjoyed and soaked up well. As it does not contain any acids etc I wouldn't be willing to spend much more than this as I just said it is a pretty basic cream, but it works.

Thanks for reading
Kara xx

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