Wednesday, 9 November 2016

My Most Used Make Up Brushes

Howdy everyone, we all have our favourite brushes that we reach for the most here are mine.

Sephora Pro Liquid Foundation Brush:

My favourite of them all is my Sephora pro liquid foundation brush in no.63, I find this an absolute dream to use. It blends out my tinted moisturiser or foundation perfectly. It is quite a small brush so does mean more blending but I find it gives you a more even coverage. It easily glides around your nose and the contours of your face. It doesnt seem to pick up too much of the product and can easily blend around your chin and hairline!This can be purchased at for $32 and I will be buying more.

 Sigma Brushes:

These two Sigma brushes I have had for over 5 years and look how well they are doing. The smaller brush the E55 I use to pack colour on to the eyelid, it picks up a good amount of product and doesnt give to much of fall out when using basic eye shadows.
The F30 Large powder brush is pretty soft and picks up just a light amount of powder when setting your liquid product. No cake face here!

The E55 now retails for $16 or £16 and the F30 $30 or £30, so obviously works out cheaper for the people living in the US. They can be purchased from who do deliver world wide or if you live in the UK you can go to, and

These brushes come from the Mr. Bunny essential kit, it now retails for $179/ £179.

My last sigma brush is the E38 defussed crease brush, ideal for blending colour into your crease. Also works quite well to just give a wash of colour accross the eye lid if your in a hurry. Basic but very useful, purchased from Feel unique for £17 (link above)

 Fan Brush :

Thought id just try out a none expensive fan brush for putting on highlighter as i'm new to applying this, this brush turned out so well that I am not even go to buy another one. It cost around £1.50 from Hong Kong and does exactly what I need it to and it doesnt shed. I found mine through ebay

MAC Brush:

The MAC 150 is one of the first brushes I purchased so must be least 6-7 years old, I use this to apply my blusher. It doesn't pick up too much product, just enough to give you a flush of colour across the cheek. I find if I use a smaller brush I end up applying too much, it can be purchased from a MAC counter found in a lot of department stores or online here

All the brushes mentioned are all made using synthetic hair, no animals were harmed with the making of these brushes. If you are interested in how I keep my brushes clean and what I use, stay tuned for the next post. I will show what I use for a deep clean and the best spot cleaner I have found so far, till next time :)

Thanks for reading
Kara xx

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