Sunday, 13 November 2016

Quick and easy way to clean your brushes

Howdy, this really is the one chore I do not enjoy doing, but it needs to be done. I have tried quite a few different products to deep and spot clean my brushes but here is what I find works best for me:

For a deep clean I use my Sigma spa brush cleaning mat, Johnsons baby shampoo and a clean hand towel.

For a deep clean I place my cleaning mat in the sink, run warm water to wet the brushes first (always wet brushes before applying soap, same rule applies when washing your hands) and then add a little baby shampoo to clean them. I use Johnsons baby shampoo, it cleans the brush handles and bristles well. On the cleaning mat you can see it tells you where to clean each brush with the washing and then the rinsing stage. Once I am happy the brushes are clean and there is no make up or shampoo is left on them. I straighten out the bristles of the brush and lay them down to dry on the towel, I usually turn them after a few hours to help them to dry. The shampoo can be picked up from any supermarket and the mat can be purchased for $32 off Sigma or £25 from Cult beauty. or

For a spot clean I use a sheet of paper towel and Dior brush cleanser

My favourite paper towel is the Super Strong Thirst Pockets, multicloth. I prefer this brand as one sheet is all you need and it can be recycled when your done (no im not being sponsored haha). I cant stand cheap paper towel or toilet roll because as with both you do not want yout fingers etc to come throught the paper :-/ lol
I spray and few spritz of Dior brush cleanser on to the paper towel then rub the brush in circlular motions. It does a fantastic job at removing the make up, it also contains antibacterial properties which is great for preventing any spread of germs. If you wish to use the same brush for another make up product you can clean it and use it almost straight away. The Dior cleanser can be purchased at where you will receieve free delivery, free gift wrap and two free samples of your choice. It can also be purchased from most department stores that have a Dior counter. I will let you decide what brand of kitchen towel you use but dont say I didnt warm you if its paper thin ;-)

Thanks for reading
Kara xx

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