Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The Best and Most Effective Leave in Conditioner I Have Found

Howdy everyone,
Are you still on a quest for the perfect leave in conditioner? Fed up of knots and can't find one that suits your hair type?

Well then you need to try this brand and I love it. My hair is curly and very fine, I alway describe it as hair of a child. Any product I put in my hair needs to not weigh it down and must be very conditioning/hydrating. I have found this fulfills my hair needs, I have no tangles, it smells nice and good to know my hair is always protected if on the rare occasion I use heat.

Its a 10 do many different hair products, so depending on your hair colour and needs I am sure they have a product that would suit you. There are shampoos, conditioners, different treatments and many styling products. If this range was easy to buy here from the UK, I am sure I would have tried many more products but as I am alway limited to weight restrictions on my US visits I always just stick to what I know and love. 

How I use this product:
I shampoo and conditioner my hair first, then after a quick towel dry whilst its still wet I apply about 4/5 pumps of this in my hair and just comb it through.

It's a 10 comes with a ton of benefits and here is what they are
* Repairs dry and damaged hair
* Adds shine
* Detangles
* Controls frizz
* Seals and protects hair colour
* Flat iron spray and thermal protection
* Stops hair breakages
* Creates silkiness
* Enhances natural body
* Prevents split ends

 My ratings: 9.5/10

Recommend/ worth the money: Yes 100%, something that I keep stocked up on at all times. It costs $18 for 4oz or $36 for 10oz from or for around £26. Some might see this as a lot of money but for a product my hair loves and the big bottle lasts at least 6 months its worth every penny. It is one of those products that you can't skip using as your hair wont feel or act the same.

Pros: Knot free hair, smells good, not a heavy weight product

Cons: Not readily available, more costly

Thanks for reading
Kara xx

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