Sunday, 19 February 2017

Battle of the Cleansers


At the beginning of the year I posted up a picture on my instagram about 3 cleansers I wanted to put to the test and see how well they worked. Now I have had almost two months to test them out and give them a good go. Just for reference,  I have combination skin that is occasionally oily. Here are the cleansers that are suitable to be used on my skin type and what I thought of them.

1. Clarins Cleansing Milk

This cleanser is unlike any I have tried before, you warm it in your hands and place it all over your face, press the flat of your hands 5 to 6 times on to your face to help it lift off your make up. Just as I am writing this I'm thinking this sounds like too much faff, and it is a lot of effort! What's wrong with some cream and a hot cloth? Saying all this my skin felt pretty good after using it. My eyes were not so happy though, I went to bed looking like Mrs squinty with stinging eyes. I have just come back to this post after removing my make up using this cleansing milk and OUCH! My eyes hurt again, I cant remove all my eye make up and now I'm squinting again. I do love how this makes my skin feel but I don't get that lovely clean new skin feeling and with stinging eyes I am not loving this! I keep thinking do I want to carry on using this stuff? I will as it wasn't cheap but I will not be repurchasing. I followed the instructions from Clarins own website as to using this product, the demonstration clearly shows the model placing the cream over her eyes. There are two types of eye make up remover which I could purchase as well, that would work better. I would prefer to have one product that can do it all.
Clarins do make some lovely products and I do own a couple that I love and have repurchased, this one though, is just not for me. Click here to check out the whole Clarins range.

Rating: 5/10

Recommend/ Worth the money: No, although it leaves your skin soft and clean I won't be buying this again! My bloody eyes were so sore! I want a cleanser that I do not have to worry if it gets into my eyes.

2. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

After just one use of this wondrous product I was hooked, I have never had my make up just be lifted away from my skin. With the use of the muslin cloth that came with the set and hand hot water, it all comes off easily. Putting this cream over your eyes it removes all eye make up and mascara right down to your lash roots. It left my skin feeling so clean (how did I ever use face wipes? shakes head). My pores appear smaller, maybe it is down to fact I am pulling all make up/daily dirt out of my skin. The muslin cloth also acts to give a light exfoliation with every use which helps rid your skin of dirt and dead skin. It is still gentle enough that it can be used over the eye area.
You gently rub this cream over your face and do your eyes last (obviously with clean hands) and rub in circular motions and the magic happens. I even use this before bed, on days where I have not been wearing make up.

If I didn't have a few more cleansers to use I would have repurchased this already, I 100% will be using this again and have asked for another set for my birthday. The muslin cloths can be purchased separately if you want to have a few more to use. I used mine a couple of times and in between uses make sure it is clean and able to dry completely between face washes. To wash it thoroughly I put it in the washing machine in a white wash and it comes out perfect and smells great.

Check out Liz Earle here or maybe visit a shop if you are ever near one, products can be purchased in minis if you do not fancy jumping into a full size bottle.

Rating: 9/10 (why haven't I tried this sooner)

Recommend/ worth the money: Yes 100%, I have never had a product remove every scrap of make up and not irritate or sting my eyes in any way. I opened my eyes every time I used it with no irritation caused. Liz Earle is cruelty free too

3. Bee Good Cream Cleanser

This cleanser is very gentle on your skin and took off my face make up perfectly, with the eye area not so good. I had to go over my eyes with the cloth a few times to make sure the make up was off. It didn't irritate my eyes but didn't remove the mascara right from the lash bed.
It also comes with a cloth to help take off the make up, which works very well and can also be washed easily in a normal white clothing wash. This product is very good to use day and night and my skin felt clean and happy after every use. I quite like the smell too.
All Be Good products are made in the UK and are cruelty free, click here to check them out.

Rating: 7/10

Recommend/ worth the money: Yes if you are into a more natural type of product, full of lovely ingredients then you would love this. If you are not a heavy eye make up wearer then this would be good for you.

My overall favourite cleanser is hands down the Liz Earle, it really is going to be hard to find a cleanser to beat this. I have a few more in the pipeline to try so we shall see, for the 3 above I recommend Liz Earle to anyone.

Thanks for reading
Kara xx

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