Sunday, 26 February 2017

111 Skin Gold Treatment Mask


I received this mask in my Glossy box and have been really excited to use it. Sheet masks are still one of my favourite masks to use, no mess and all you need is a clean washed face. They recommend this mask to be used straight from the fridge. It has a light perfumed scent, it isn't overpowering or enough to put me off. It is packed with so much moisture, the mask feels like gel and is very slippery. I recommend putting it on and tipping your head back, then sitting or lying down least for the first 5 minutes as it will slide off. I tried to make sure I placed it on correctly and evenly, by doing this I ripped it a little so be very careful. Still it has not altered how the mask is sitting on my face, I feel I still have good coverage.

After the first 10 minutes my face still felt very cold, I made sure the mask is still fully covering my face and no edges have come away like they can do with these over sized masks.
According to the people at 111Skin, when you take off the mask and you find the mask is dry anywhere then it means that part of your face is dehydrated and you should work on adding more moisture to that area.

I ended up leaving it for about 25mins and once off massaged in the rest of the moisture left on my face. I luckily didn't have any dry patches on the mask, so my face must be doing ok for hydration. I never applied anything else to my face, not even a night time moisturiser. My skin appeared glowing and very bright.

The next morning my skin was still very hydrated and I had no bad reactions to the mask. I don't think it worked any miracles but it did leave my skin bright, hydrated and refreshed.

My ratings: 8/10

Recommend/ worth the money: Yes but only if you are happy to pay the £85 for a pack of 5, it makes each mask £17 which is expensive. I do not feel they are worth £17.

Pros: For a special occasion where you want glowing hydrated skin these would be perfect. The mask is extremely hydrating and brightening, I think applying make up after this would look fantastic. Straight out the fridge this mask feels amazing, it is cooling and calming to the skin.

Cons: The price and you have to be really careful with the mask. It is made of very delicate material.

Thanks for reading
Kara xx

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