Wednesday, 15 February 2017

La Roche-Posay


Do you have scars on your face, redness or an uneven complexion? Me too until I tried this cream and it really helped.

The only reason I first tried this is because I found it on an end-display in Boots for £3 (score), it was not out of date or damaged so no idea why it was there and it was not being discontined either. Also this cream was suited to my skin type and luckily has worked wonders.

Going right back to when I first started using this cream about 18 months ago. I used it religiously everyday in the morning and it probably took a good month or so before I saw a slight difference. It was only a small difference to start with but I noticed old scars on my face started to get lighter and gradually over time start to fade. I have never found a cream help my skin so well and it be readily available on the high street. I do still have to use a heavier cream, which I tend to use at night. This Effaclar K(+) works wonders but will not neccessarily offer you the full hydration you need, especially in these cold winter months and dryer air in the home due to the heating being on. Because it does not take long to soak in it is perfect for under make up, I find I can apply anything after using this. There is no need to wait or feel that you will become greasy if you apply your make up straight after.

The La Roche Posay brand offers such a wide range of products and they really target every skin type, and I don't just mean the usual oily/combination or normal skin type. They go much further than that, there are 14 ranges for your face alone and 6 different types of skin needs, the range offers so many products. It obviously makes sense to do your research and work out what would be best suited for your needs, they really are worth checking out.

I have had many samples sent to me for free because they have offered samples online, this is a great way to try the creams etc and see if you really like them and if they suit your skin needs. 

These products quite often do go on offer in Boots and on 
You can get 3 for 2 or sometimes 25% off, so it is worth looking out for the offers.
This cream is a staple in my skin care routine and one I always buy again before I run out.

Thanks for reading
Kara xx

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