Sunday, 12 February 2017

Quidco (Money for free)


If you want to make money or get discounts on your purchases then you should sign up to Quidco.

Quidco is a website that offers cashback on your purchases or a percentage off what you purchase. By signing up to this website it tracks purchases you make in store and gives you the cash back on those transactions too. Sometimes you may only get a few pence back, but it all adds up.

All you have to do is log into your Quidco account, search for the shop you wish to buy from, it will show you if they are offering any type of discount/cashback and you follow the link to the website and make your purchase as you normally would. It really is that simple, I check Quidco before making any online purchases no matter what it may be. 
They offer cashback/discounts on travel, clothing, children's toys, electrical, toiletries, all types of insurances, food and drink etc.

The latest things my husband and I received money back on was our bed which we got £14.66 and for my UGG boots which I saved £11.59. I would have been making these purchases anyway so with the bonus of money back its an even bigger saving. My husband and I both have our own accounts, that way more cards means more chance of money coming in. You can keep track of all your purchases and see when they are confirmed, sometimes they are declined but you are able to dispute them if you want to. Most of my money I get back are from orders I do at Boots, its free delivery to the shop I still receive all of my points and make money back on my purchases too.

If you are interested go check them out, here is a link to Quidco. There are no catches or spam emails sent to you and I get nothing for telling you this I just thought I would be kind and share it ;-) I have asked a lot of my friends about this and not a single person had heard of it. I have used Quidco for years and I think it is great. Imagine the amount of cash back you could get on a really big purchase like a holiday.

The only thing to note (which isn't a bad thing) some transactions can take a few months to go through till they are confirmed, so the sooner you start using it and keep using it you will have a constant stream of money coming in. Even if that constant stream is just a few pence each time it all adds up. Once money is confirmed you can transfer it into any back account or turn it into vouchers where they give you more than if you just took the cash. For eg you decided to go for Debenhams vouchers, at the moment they give you an extra 10% on the amount you have available. £100 cash or £110 Debenhams vouchers. It all helps and may be that little extra cash you need at Christmas or a little treat to yourself.

Thanks for reading
Kara xx

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