Sunday, 16 April 2017

How I Prepare a New Bag


If you have recently bought a new bag or are planning on getting a new one then I think a few of these tips will help you to prolong the life and colouring of your bag. I know this is extra expense on top of the bag itself but when you are investing in a bag I don't understand why you wouldn't want to protect it.

The tips I have below are suitable for all leather and suede bags. I have done lots of research on what to use and followed the guidelines in my care booklet that came with my bag. This has worked well for me and I recommend following your care booklet before your first use. However desperate you are to use the bag, protect it first, it only takes one accident to have a stain forever (I would want to cry if that happened). First read the instructions on all of these products before using them and follow the guidelines you are given from the company you are buying from. If your item doesn't come with a care booklet, you can usually find all of this info on their website.

What I used:

Collonil leather gel 
Collonil 1909 Supreme protect high quality waterproofing spray
Super soft lint free polishing cloths

I used one of the lint free cloths to just dust over the bag, I know it had not been used but fluff is still everywhere.

Then I started with a new cloth and used a small amount of the gel in an inconspicuous place first. After I knew it was fine I lightly rubbed in circular motions gel over the bag doing the back first. Once the gel was dry I used another cloth (this is why you need a pack of them) to then lightly buff the gel. By the time you are doing this the gel will have been absorbed into the leather so there really isn't much to bluff but I did this all over the part I had gelled just to ensure it had all gone. I then repeated this for all leather areas.

By using this gel you are going to help keep the leather in good condition. Like our skin, leather will dry out if it not kept moisturised. By using this gel it will keep the leather looking bright in colour and subtle for a lot longer than if it wasn't treated.

I then let the gel completely dry, then moved on to the waterproofing spray. The spray is going to protect all leather and suede materials, this is going to help it be water resistant and keep the colour as vibrant as possible, like an SPF for your bag, as things fade in the sun. Also the spray works extremely well on the suede too. It will help to also keep the bag free from as much everyday dirt and pollution as possible.

As this was the first time I was using my new bag I decided to use the gel twice then the spray twice too, I read that if the bag was brand new then they suggest doing the above things twice. It also should work well as a base layer to keeping it well cared for.

The gel and spray had no no bad effects on the leather or the suede of my bag and I feel very happy to continue using them, there was a squeaky bum moment when I first tried these products out on my bag, but not anymore. I shall be repeating this process in a couple of weeks time and as I know it will prolong the life of my bag I am all for it.

Tip: When using the spray, shake the can well and only use in a well ventilated area. I opened the doors and windows to my conservatory and closed it off to the house and that worked well. No smell got into my house and the smell faded from my conservatory after a few hours. I would have gone outside but in typical UK fashion it was raining! 

I have been loving this bag SO much. You can tell who is a Mulberry fan as I have had people spot it and walk up to me knowing what it is. I had a work colleague say this was her next bag and I can see why she wants it, she is a big Mulberry fan too.

Thanks for reading
Kara xx

Tip, never use a duster the material used to make to make up dusters contains small fibers that will shed.

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