Sunday, 9 April 2017

When Good Things Happen For No Reason


You know when nice things happen occasionally for no reason? Well, that just happened to me.

I have the day off work tomorrow and a friend is coming over with her children, so as promised to her eldest I thought I would do an Easter egg hunt for them in my garden. Being the 30 year old child that I am I tweeted "So excited to do an Easter egg hunt" and about 5 minutes later I had a tweet from Tesco. I had a short conversation with them on Easter eggs and Easter egg hunts, they then sent me a link for Easter egg hunt ideas and asked me to DM them. They replied to my DM with a voucher for some Easter eggs from their Finest range! I never asked or hinted at this and I never even tagged Tesco in my tweet, how cool is that!

I can now use this voucher and go get us some more Easter eggs and make the hunt even more EGG-citing (I couldn't resist that)

Here is what Tesco had on their shelves available to buy from the Tesco Finest range

All the eggs range in price from £3.00 up to £9.00 and to be honest they all looked YUMMY! Tesco Finest Eggs also have a selection of eggs in the "free from" range, these eggs are free from milk, wheat and gluten.

The one on the left is Belgian dark chocolate and butterscotch and on the right Belgian milk chocolate and caramelised hazelnut. If I was going to just buy one egg, the one on the right would have been it. It sounds amazing, mmmmmm.
This egg looks like it belongs in a Harry Potter movie, the bronze shimmer effect looks fantastic and really does fool you into thinking it isn't really chocolate. It is again Belgian (the whole range is) and comes with a hidden milk truffle inside.

I'm sure with this one it would be all over your lips like sugar from a doughnut, still so fun though. Who doesn't want shimmery lips? ;-)

I decided on getting these three eggs. Cheeky little mint one for me, an orange one (as its his favourite flavour) for the husband and also a large Belgian chocolate for the girls to share. As after all this Easter egg hunt is all for the children..... mostly.

Here are a few little eggs that I hid round the house and garden.

The mini Lindt eggs are perfect for hiding round the house and the larger Milkybar eggs are a good size to hide out in the garden. Not so small they get lost in the plants.
I also previously purchased little baskets, some masks and a little game, where you can create pictures on felt eggs.

These little bits all come from The Range, they had the best selection of Easter goodies for children and all for £1 each.

The Happy Easter sign is made out of wood also from The Range and cost £2.

You don't need to spend a lot to enjoy these little treats.

Making felt eggs.

What we made.

Who wouldn't want a basket of eggs, mmmm.

Thank You Tesco for your random act of kindness, you really added a nice touch to our Easter Egg Hunt. The girls got to take home a larger egg to enjoy. I don't think I could have hidden that very well in my garden. My husband and I will enjoy our little eggs very soon I'm sure, even though it isnt quite Easter yet.

Here is a link to some Easter Egg Hunt Ideas that Tesco sent me, it might give you some ideas of a new game or two to play this Easter.

I have had such a great day and the weather has been amazing, I may even have got a little tan. All this running around my garden has worn me out. The girls had a great day too so I think it will be early nights all round!

Happy Easter everyone,

Thanks for reading
Kara xx

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