Sunday, 2 April 2017

Labiotte, Whitening Sheet Mask


I really laughed when I saw this mask, "whitening sheet mask" but I'm brown can I use it??? haha Maybe not quite so politically correct to some but then if you know me I'm the first to not be politically correct. I like to push the boundaries of skin colour, being that I'm smack bang in the middle of colours is the only way I get away with it, I think. ;-)

Anyway back to this mask, firstly thank you to my bestie Katherine (Chops) for finding some sheet masks for me all from TK MAXX and all only £1. xx

I cleansed my face as usual then applied this mask and left it on for the 20 minutes as it suggested, the mask felt so full of moisture. The mask looked like it had been dipped in a jar of white cream as it wasn't the usual clear liquid you find on most of the masks I have tried. It smelled quite strongly of lily.

After the 20 minutes were up my skin felt very oily and greasy, I wasn't too worried as usually what ever is left on your skin gets absorbed. After an hour my skin still looked oily and felt sticky too.
The next morning I woke up with super oily skin and SPOTS, I have those annoying little red spots/bumps on my chin and across my forehead. My skin feels horrible, I cleansed my face as I usually do and applied a little make up. It looks awful, my skin is clammy and sticky to touch and my make applied awfully.

I have only had my make up on for a couple of hours and I am going to take it all off and try and get my skin back to normal! I have a lot these red itchy spots all over my chin and forehead, my skin irritates and itches. This is horrible and the worst mask I have ever used bar none.

My rating: 0/10

Recommend/ worth the money: No way, even if this mask was offered to me for free I wouldn't take it.

Pros: Price, its very affordable even when not on discount it only costs around £1.50-£2.00

Cons: Smell, after effects of greasy skin, gave me spots.
Thanks for reading
Kara xx

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