Wednesday, 29 March 2017

My Product Empties


Everyone is a bit of a Nosey Parker to some extent but some more than others. For the Nosey Parkers who have tuned in to read this, then let me show you my empties. I know a lot of people make these empties videos on the likes of YouTube but I am going to doing a blog version. I love a good empties video, so lets see how well this works in blog form. 

Here are things that I have used up and I will tell you if I loved them and if I would recommend them. Links for everything will be below, also does anyone else find that everything seems to run out at once?

Boscia, Black Peel Mask- Love this, I recommend this product and I already have a back up of this to start. Works great all over the face, just avoid any hairy parts of your face ;-)

Origins VitaZing- Gives just a light amount of coverage to just even out skin tone, my back up already opened. I recommend this as long as your skin colour is not along the lines of Casper the friendly ghost.

Emma Hardie travel size pot- There will be a full review of this going up in the near future, little spoiler alert, I like it a lot. This is just a mini that came with the full size. It melts away your make up and best of all does not sting your eyes.


Laura Mercier Blush in Lush Nectarine- I probably have had this longer than the recommended time oops, but this is by far my favourite blush. I have not found a colour I like more than this one. You can build the colour up and it lasts all day (Tip: Set it with a setting spray) I find more orange toned blushes suit my colouring better.

Bee Good Cleanser- Excellent very natural cleanser, you do need to double cleanse to make sure all mascara is off but I like it and have enjoyed using it. It leaves the skin feeling a little tight but not dry and it is gone as soon as you moisturise.

Bee Good Moisturiser- Really nice moisturiser, kept my skin hydrated, I would use this again if I purchased another set from Bee Good. There are moisturisers out there I like more but I did enjoy using this everyday. Only down side would be, I could only use this at night unless I planned to not wear make up. Its quite thick and doesn't sit well under make up, so unless you are happy to wait quite a while for it to soak in, then stick to just night time use.

Chanel Chance, Eau FraƮche- I love this perfume, I won't attempt to describe how it smells so you will have to go to a counter and smell it. I found this perfume so much nicer on the skin than what you smell from a bottle off a shelf. It lasts really well and this small size is perfect for travelling, I do have a back up ready to be opened.

L'Occitane Hand Cream- This is one of many tubes I have used up, its very moisturising and not greasy. For this reason it is great for your handbag and for the car. This is the 30ml size, I also have a few of the 10ml size that fit perfect into the smallest of bags. I found I could only get the 10ml tubes in either America or from an outlet shop in England.

Burt's Bees Pumpkin Lip Balm- As with most lip balms, they take what feels like years to use up and if you are like me and keep several in your bags, car and around the house then it feels like it takes even longer. I do love Burt's Bees and recommend them as a brand. This pumpkin spiced one I picked up in the States and it was limited edition, if I ever find this scent again I would buy it. Although any scent from this brand works just as good.

Dior, Dior Show Iconic Overcurl Mascara- This mascara is lovely, super dark and you can easily do 2-3 coats. I loved using this and it still gives you very long and thick lashes even after a few coats. It did not smudge on me at all and I got next to no full out.
Down side to this mascara is after 4-5 weeks it showed signs of slightly drying out, which is not what you would expect from a mascara of this price. I won't lie, I would try a different one and see if it happened again, the mascara really is that good. Also look at that packaging :-)

Nicky Clarke, Volume shampoo and conditioner- This shampoo and conditioner are really nice, it is the first Nicky Clarke product I have tried and really liked. You do end up smelling of sage which is quite strong but I actually quite liked it and the smell lasted a few days. I wouldn't pay full price for these products but if they were on offer again, I would pick them up. I have tried to find a link to this shampoo but I think it is discontinued, so maybe I won't be trying it again after all!

Burberry, Weekend- I have been buying this perfume for more than 10 years, I always have a back up of this, I call it my "work perfume" I have had people say to me I knew you were in as they must have smelt me (in a good way I hope). You can pick up a 100ml bottle for around £25 which will last you a long time. This perfume must work well with my body chemistry as it is by far the most complimented perfume I own. I really recommend it.

I have blog posts of the Boscia mask, Origins moisturiser and the Bee Good Cleanser mentioned, so go check it out if you want to read a more in depth review and see why I keep repurchasing these products.

Now you have read about empties, I can chuck it all away. I hope you liked it? You read a lot about products from advertisements on TV, online and when you go round shops. But you can never fully tell if you love something until you use it all up.

Anyone got any staple products they keep repurchasing? I would love to know.

Thanks for reading

Kara xx

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