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Bras for Comfort, Style and Feeling Pretty


I feel super excited to share with you some of the best bras around on the high street, in my opinion. If you are a lady with an ample bosom like myself then you may find this post really helpful. Down below I have some of my favourite tried and true bras that I really can recommend to you, all are perfect to be worn everyday but some are more specifically designed to be worn under a white shirt or a strapless dress. Did I say they are all from Marks and Spencer? I do shop around for bras but always end up back at this shop. They have a great selection and really do think they cater for the younger audience to.

I found it really hard to find a "nude" bra because all of the shops have nude bras that just look cream on me, and I have brown skin.  It is also hard to find a strapless bra that you are not forever hoicking up. They seem to either be so tight so they don't move, you that you get that nasty roll on your back or loose where they tend to gape. What's with that useless rubber glue they place around the cups? That is just a big hot itchy no no! If the bra is fully cupped there is no need for this glue. I have also had a hard time with wonder bras, I found them the most over priced and ill fitting bras yet! Just my opinion of course.

Anyway lets jump into a few I recommend and why....

My first bra I am showing is The racerback full cup bra from the Marks and Spencer Collection and it just £16
Matching knickers available and it comes in sizes 32-38, A-E.

It is an underwired full cup racer back bra. As this bra comes with the usual eye lit closure on the back it won't ride up. I have found that with most racer backs they tend to ride up, especially if you have the weight of your chest at the front then the back tends to ride up. By having a normal eye lit closure you avoid this and have a very pretty almost butterfly like racer back. Quite fun to wear under a baggy T-shirt maybe flash a little of this design off.

All over lace bandeau strapless bra from Marks and Spencer Collection £20
No knickers available with this bra but it does come in three colours Almond, Black and White,
sizes 30-40, A-E.

Now this is the bra of all bras, the first bra I have owned to not show under a white shirt as it matches my skin colour so well. Also the first bra I have worn strapless and would happily choose to wear it strapless on an regular basis. If you put this on, wear a tight T-shirt, you will not know its strapless. No pinching at the top of your chest to hold you up/in. This is my magical bra of wonders, I own the almond and white version. Who knows might even go back for the black, of all my bras in this post. If you were only getting one I recommend this, £20 well spent in my opinion. Also it actually looks very pretty on and the cups are incredibly soft. Also by changing the straps you can wear this 4-5 different ways, perfect for those one sided/ bardot tops that you can see everywhere at the moment.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley first brought out her underwear line with Marks and Spencer around 2012 and I have loved pretty much every piece she had brought out. If you fancy a comfortable yet slightly sexy piece then look into her line. Here are a few of my favourite pieces.

Silk and lace padded beau plunge bra from the Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Collection £27.50. Bra comes in 5 different colours and the matching knickers are available. Bra sizes 30-38, A-E.

This picture does not do the bra justice, it is a pretty petrol green colour. It is super pretty and will give you a tiny amount of cleavage, but nothing too crazy. This is one of the more delicate bras in the line and like all of the bras I own from this collection they are made so well and contain a certain amount of silk. This is why they are so soft and look so luxurious, just take care when washing (I will get on to that later). This is my oldest bra in this collection and I think in time it has faded slightly but I take care of it and I feel it still looks pretty good. On the inside of your right cup with all Rosie bras you will find her signature. Whys its there i don't know. But obviously was a small touch to the collection that she wanted to add.

My last bra I am going to show you is probably the prettiest and most sexiest of them all, it is a Balcony bra made with luxurious silk and french designed lace. Its is £27.50 and available in sizes 30-40, A-E knickers available.

This bra is made up of mostly silk and it is slightly more padded than the rest, saying that its still nothing crazy just a little thicker than the rest. The cups are structured but very comfortable and its almost a shame to cover it up with clothing ;-) It has a slight vintage feel to it and reminds me a bra a burlesque dancer would wear.

All of these bras would look fantastic on everyone so go treat yourself and I hope it helps someone out there who is still on the hunt for a strapless bra or just a comfortable bra that will last and does not cost a fortune. I have a job where I have bending up and down a lot and I would wear all of these bras to work, even the plunge bra.

As for washing these bras, I always wash them on a synthetics 40°C wash with all my other laundry the only thing I do is to place them individually in a delicate laundry bag first. Here is a link to the ones I use, they are the best and I use them for many other items of clothing too. All these bra are machine washable which is a big plus to me, you wear a bra once and wash it. Who would be running to the dry cleaners every few days with bras and what an extra expense that would add up to be!

As I have enjoyed wearing the Rosie H-W range of bras for the last few years I will most definitely be checking out the new swimwear range she has out now too. Some of the pieces that I have seen look fantastic and I feel would be very comfortable when on holiday in the sun.

Yay to Marks and Spencer for offering quality pieces at affordable prices, its always nice to boost your ego with some nice underwear pieces. Everyone deserves to feel pretty.

Thanks for reading
Kara xx

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