Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The Truth about Outlet Shopping!


We all love a good shopping trip and you can't beat the excitment of going to an outlet, the excitement of going round your favourite shops in hope to get a good bargain.

Well..... you might not be getting so much of a bargain as you may think. It's wise to keep your wits about you and if you have things in mind you would like to purchase from previous seasons, take a picture or two of these items in order to compare them.

What I don't think some people know is, many of the shops in the outlets don't always sell what is sold in their high street stores. You may find a very similar product and they may look roughly the same but when your get up close you can notice differences.

For example, Michael Kors, a bag purchased in the high street or from online will quite often come with leather straps, a zip closure, a dust bag and quite often a michael kors tag on their larger bags. When you look at a very similar bag in the outlet some of the straps are plastic, there is no zip, dust bag or MK tag on the bag. So overall you are still getting a genuine MK bag it just might not be up to the same quality as you can see on the high street. So when you are thinking to yourself excellent this bag is half price compared to the high street, that is quite often because the quality of "leathers" used are not the same.

One thing you can do is ask the sales assistant which products are end of season stock and which have been made just for the outlet!

I myself have purchased a MK bag from the outlet and the leather is amazing, the bag has worn very well, it just shows signs of wear on the handles. Which is a shame but they do take the strain of the bag especially as I seem to quite often fill my bags up. I didn't get a dust bag as I said earlier I guess this is to keep down costs in an outlet too. I do think if you are spending £150 + on a bag I would like a dust bag to keep it protected in when I am not using it! So me being me on my next trip to London I went down to the huge Michael Kors shop on regent street, whilst wearing my MK bag and asked the lady in the shop if I could please have a dust bag to protect my bag as I didn't get one. I just had to show my receipt of my purchase and the lady kindly got me one from the back of the shop. Yay to asking and getting one. Ask and ye shall recieve!

Another key thing to look out for when purchasing clothes, lets say a pair of GAP jeans, is the quality of the jeans themselves. There is a difference in quality, from outlet made jeans, these have the design stamped around the inside of the waitband and on the shop bought ones you have a white sown in label. Outlet jeans do not have many rivets on the pockets and you wont see the infamous 1969 GAP info found printed on the inside of a front pocket. I have used GAP as an example as I have experienced both buying them from an outlet and from a GAP store on the high street, so I can see these differences for myself. The jeans are also not as thick, it is a more relaxed softer feel of denim, so if you prefer that then maybe the outlet version are perfect for you. They don't last as long but I loved the fit and comfort and would buy another pair for sure.

Just remember when you go into a shop, think to yourself, are you are getting the same quality as you can on the high street for every item? Just be a bit more observant and check the labels. Not everything in an outlet is value for money and making you a saving.

Even with everything I have mentioned above, I still LOVE going to outlets and I will continue to go, you just need to be aware that if a pair of trousers are £30 in the outlet and on the high street they cost £35 and are better quality and will last longer, then I'd suggest going for the high street version. The moral of this blog post in three words is "do your research!"

Some shops are very crafty with how they promote and sell their items in the shops, just be aware and outsmart them before they take your money and outsmart you.

Thanks for reading
Kara xx

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