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GlossyBox X La Mer Product Review


As soon as I saw Glossy box were going to do a collaboration with La Mer, I knew I wanted to try it. It was going to be available in February so I signed myself up to preregister straight away. This would be the first time I applied for one of Glossybox's exclusive limited edition boxes. Before the box was released to the general public I found out that there were only going to be 2000 available! Now why is it when something is limited edition, do you want it ten times more?

From the hype on social media about this box I knew it was going to sell out quickly and it was being talked about a lot. My friend and I were desperate to get a box of our own, the day before it was being released an email was sent out to say it was going to be released at 09:00AM to Glossy box subscribers and then from 10:00AM for those that don't subscribe. It might sound a bit crazy to some but I had my emails on refresh from about 08:30, you could only purchase the boxes from the link in the email that was sent out to you. The email came I ordered like a crazy woman and then phew, confirmation was in and I had managed to get a box of my own. I was super excited, to say the least!

I really do love skin care and it is so important to have some sort of a routine and look after your skin. As I am in my 30's and have been pretty good with skincare over the years I don't think my skin looks too bad. It's always best to start young, prevention is better than cure, right? But it's never to late to start, I remember using a face cream that said it gives you skin of a 21 year old. I laughed and said I don't want that I was only around 19 at the time. Oh... to have that wrinkle free skin back.

I'm not going to rate these products, just tell you if I enjoyed or recommend them or not. As for the question, "Are they worth the money?" I shall leave the prices below and let you decide that for yourself. The largest amount shown in ml are the amounts and costs of what you would pay if you purchased these products. The smaller amounts are what you get in this box.

The Cleansing Micellar Water
A 200ml bottle costs £70, which works out as 35p per ml
The Glossy Box bottle is 30ml, so at 35p per ml, this works out as being worth £10.50

This works well and removes all make up, even stubborn mascara comes off easily. I don't like the slight alcohol smell but it doesn't sting my skin or eyes at all. I would prefer to use Bio Derma as it is far cheaper and does not have any alcohol scent to it. Or for an even more affordable option you can save £65 compared to this and go buy Loreal's Micellar water.

The Treatment Lotion
A 150ml bottle costs £100, which works out as  66.7p per ml
The Glossy Box bottle is 5ml, so at 66.7p per ml, this works out as being worth £3.33

I enjoyed using this, it works very nicely when used before your moisturiser. It is one of those steps in your skin care routine where I am not sure if it really is necessary but I still tried it and my skin seemed to soak it up and enjoy it.

The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum
A 30ml bottle costs £145, which works out as £4.83 per ml
The Glossy Box bottle is 5ml, so at £4.83 per ml, this works out as being worth £24.17

I am not a fan of this as it has a very strong alcohol scent, it did soak in quite quickly but left my skin feeling slightly tacky. I would not ever purchase this and am so pleased I got to try these product first as £145 is a lot of money to spend.

The Eye Concentrate
A 15ml tub costs £150, which works out as  £10 per ml
The Glossy Box tube is 3ml, so at £10 per ml, this works out as being worth £30

I LOVE this, it is extremely moisturising and not irritating at all. My eyes never watered or stung from using this product. My eye area is definitely more hydrated and I feel it has smoothed out some of my lines and has even helped to somehow take some of the blue of my bags. The skin feels more plumped up and concealer glides on and stays better than before I started using this.

The Intensive Revitalizing Mask
A 75ml tube costs £115, which works out as £1.53 per ml
The Glossy Box tube is 15ml, so at £1.53 per ml, this works as being worth £23

A very nice and very hydrating mask, I love the fact that you only have to wear this for 8 minutes and just a simple wipe off when it is done is all you need to do. My skin loved it and a lot of it is absorbed into the skin. If your skin is dry or looking dull, this mask really does help bring your skin back to life and restore some of the moisture back into it.

Creme De La Mer (The Moisturizing Cream)
A 30ml pot cost £115, which works out as £3.83 per ml
The Glossy Box pot is 7ml, so at £3.83 per ml, this works out as being worth £26.83

I LOVE this cream, it is a very thick and moisturising. Take just a small amount and warm it between your finger tips and pat it on to the skin. It will soak in and just leave your skin extremely hydrated and not oily in the slightest. I would not use this during the day as it would be too thick and you would find make up application very difficult. But as a night time moisturiser it is perfect and I really recommend it. A little does go a long way and a small tub would last you a few months.

If I had to pick a single product to recommend I think it would have to be between the moisturising cream and the eye concentrate. I am not sure I could choose just one as I really do love them both. I have enjoyed trying these products so much and the small amount I have had to try has lasted me a few weeks. So La Mer products do last a long time and a little goes a long way.

Will I end up making a purchase from this brand? We shall see, doesn't help when your husband sends you picture of the La Mer counter from the airport (ahhh someone hide my cards from me). Awesome collaboration GlossyBox! I shall be keeping my eyes peeled for the next, this one was amazing and worth every penny.

All the Glossy Box La Mer products added up together are worth a total of £117.83 and I paid £35 plus the P&P.

If anyone fancies joining Glossy Box I could not recommend it enough. I honestly LOVE receiving a box every month and getting to try new products. I have found some staples I use everyday from these boxes, by joining up you you will be the first to be able to get these limited edition boxes before they go on sale to the general public.

Depending on if you want to pay monthly or purchase a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription you have the option to choose what is best for you. You can cancel the pay monthly subscription if you are not enjoying it, so it is not as if you are signing up for a year and and are bound in a contract. I have the years subscription as I have already said I love it that much and also it does work out slightly cheaper.
Click here to check out the website and see if you fancy joining, use the code GB50 to get your first box for just £5. The products inside are always more expensive than the cost of the box, in one box I received had 5 products one being a full size face mask that retails for £26. That alone covered more than the price of the box, what can £10 buy you in the shops now? Not a lot, so go treat yourself, you may just love it.

Thanks for reading
Kara xx

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