Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Products not worth the hype or money


Have you ever tried a product that has just been so bloody awful from the first use? Well, a couple of these products have been like that for me! Here are a few things I don't recommend trying. These products have caused something horrible to happen to my skin or have just done nothing and are really not worth the money or the hype that they have.

1. Bioré, Blemish clearing scrub. 


Awful AWFUL product, it is meant to clean your pores deep down and remove any dirt. It is meant to help to keep your skin blemish free too. I tried this just the once, followed the directions and after I came out of the shower and got dressed my skin was so incredible dry. My forehead had gone white, honestly white, with how dry my skin had gone. Never will I be using this again, I had good hopes for this product as I love the nose strips this brand makes. RRP £5.24


2. Living Proof, Full shampoo & conditioner. 

Now for me this product was not awful, it just didn't do a whole lot for my hair apart from making it clean, which to some is the desired effect of shampoo. But, when your hair is fine, curly and dry like mine, I need a little more in a shampoo and conditioner. The smell was clean and reminded me of a spa, the shampoo was clear and took a little bit of effort to make it foam up. As I do use products in my hair I want something that will foam up and help remove them (I always shampoo twice, once to rinse everything out and again to then clean my hair). The conditioner was ok but I really did need to give an extra spritz of Its a 10 after, as my hair still needed more moisture. Also, the really big reason for these being mentioned is the price... Are you ready?... The shampoo and conditioner cost £22.00 EACH for just 236ml. Just so you don't think I have money to burn, which I do not, I got these in a set with one other item for a lot less than this. I don't even think they were worth the price I paid for them, overall not worth the hype at all.

3. Garnier BB Cream, in the colour medium.

OOOOO this is horrendous, there was nothing about this I liked at all. I took a risk with the colour but when you don't get a tester, you have no choice but to guess your colour. I washed and prepped my face for this BB cream, as soon as I put it on it felt almost grainy and very thick, like a horrible sun cream. It did not soak in very well just smeared colour round and round my face, the colour did not blend in very well and was orange. Horrible! Who has this skin colour orange? It would have been perfect for a part in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I would have made the perfect oompa loompa! Even though I only used a small amount, it felt cakey on my skin and I had to get it off straight away. I will just stick to what I know and love which for sure is not this! Yuck! RRP £9.99

4. Swisse women's multivitamin. 

I have tried quite a few vitamins over the years and felt like I wanted a change, so I opted for this brand. My specialist told me to take certain vitamins every day. Shop own brands don't seem to do an all in one, which I need, so I have to spend a bit more and get a brand name! I am REALLY not a fan of the way they smell and taste. Yes, I do chuck it in my mouth and swallow but, eww, you can still taste it. Foul is a word that describes it well, also not that I have trouble swallowing tablets but these are like bullets, see pic, I'm not joking. So if you are put off by horrible smells and can't swallow a tablet the size of a suppository then don't buy this brand. I know I won't be buying anymore from this brand. I have a box of 30 and I think I'm on day 4, Boo! RRP £9.99

It is the size of a pound coin, just fatter.


5. Unani, il-luminate milk cleanser. 

I tried this a couple of times to really test it out, but after every use my skin felt tight and very dry. It was like I had taken my make up off and taken any moisture my skin had too. I didn't find it to be gentle in any way and I would not recommend this at all. You can get much better results from a £3 L'oreal miceller water. My skin was not happy with it and I was scared it would break my skin out as it would turn greasy trying to find that moisture that had been taken away.  This product contains Linalool, which if you didn't know is found in flea and cockroach insecticide, WTF I put this shit on my face! Never again! RRP £13.60

Luckily with all these products I got them all on offer and didn't pay full price.

Do you have any products you have had high hopes for, or any bad experiences? Let me know, I'd love to hear.

Thanks for reading
Kara xx

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