Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Luxurious and Cosy Winter Knits


Here are 3 jumpers that I am loving and will be wearing this winter!

You can't beat a cosy knit! Since the temperature has dropped, these three jumpers are perfect. Each jumper is made from different materals and I think you might be quite surprised at the quality and affordability of some of them. Don't forget to shop around, I have made some amazing finds from places like TK Maxx. If you are able, during the week is the best time to go and you can find some amazing brands. My favourite TK Maxx stores for designer clothing have to be Brighton and Covent Garden.

Jumper One
Lambswool / Nylon mix - Ted Baker £125

I have had this jumper for about 3 years and it washes up a treat. It is incredibly warm and perfect for these chilly evenings. I am not one for a cropped jumper, so I always prefer to wear a shirt or longer top underneath. I think a thick knit looks great with a pair of knee high riding boots.

Rating: 8/10
Worth the Money: Yes, I have had it years and it looks the same as when I first purchased the item

Jumper Two
Wool / Cashmere mix - Jaeger £160
As this jumper is 90% wool, you have to be very careful when washing it, you have to reshape it as soon as the wash is over and let it dry flat, so yes, that is a faff, but it is worth it. I purchased this from TK Maxx and ended up paying £60. I like this jumper a lot but I don't think it is worth investing the full amount into it. It is elasticated at the bottom so it can be worn as a longer top, or folded up higher like I have in the picture.

Rating: 7/10
Worth the Money: At full price no. If TK Maxx price then yes.

Jumper Three
100% Cashmere - Tesco £45

This jumper was a nice surprise, I went into Tesco and spotted this jumper as I walked past the clothing range. The word Cashmere caught my eye and I had to see how much it was going for! I have never seen a pure cashmere top go for such a good price, and it is so soft comfortable. I don't usually have much luck with supermarket clothing brands, but I had to order this straight away! It comes in grandma pink too if you're interested (no thanks). This is my favourite top of the three and it is also the cheapest, so it just proves you don't have to break the bank to find quality items.

Rating: 9/10
Worth the money: Massive yes, go find cashmere as good as this for cheaper. I bet you can't!

With any of these jumpers I always wash inside out on a synthetic wash, inside a machine washable net bag. This helps to eliminate bobbling and getting caught on any other items.

Thanks for reading
Kara xx

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