Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish


With my job I am not able to wear nail polish so when I have time off  I love to paint my nails and feel all girly again. As I have never been one to pack light for a trip it's never a good idea to take 3 nail polishes away with me (base, colour and top) the glass bottles add weight to my already pushing the limit case. ooops

This miracle gel formula I tried was incredible, so if you dont mind them slightly growing out then this polish could be great for you. I applied two coats then the top coat from this set, each coat applied pefectly and had no streaks.

After wearing for 10 days

This did not chip or flake off the whole time I wore it, 12 days i wore this. I took it off after my return home. It is not the most desirable colour in the world but will be fun for the holiday period and I will be putting this on when I finish work for christmas.

It cant be bought in many shops like Boots and Superdrug where they all have many different offers and discounts available.

Go treat yourself if you fancy some long wearing polish, its a great product.

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Kara xx

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