Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Vitamasques Hydo Face Mask


I got this mask in one of my glossy boxes, so obviously thought I would give it a try! I LOVE the texture of this, it feels like gelly and comes in two parts. One part of the mask covers your forehead, around your eyes and nose. The second part covers your chin and upper lip, it doesn't have a scent and just feels cooling when applied. I do recommend lying down whilst wearing this, at least at the beginning as it contains so much moisture. With it being a gelly texture it starts to slip off our face.

I kept this on for just over 30 mins, I could feel my face soaking up the moisture from this mask and when you peel it off you are left with just two gelly pieces of mask and some residue left on your face which they suggest you rub in. I did this mask before bed and when I woke up the next day my face did feel moisturised and plump. I don't think it felt any softer than usual from using this and I did need to apply moisturiser still the next day. 120 hours of moisture errrrr probably not! Least not for my skin!

It was a very lovely mask to use I now will look out for these gel masks as I have never tried one before and enjoyed it very much.

My rating 6/10

Recommend/ worth the money No, at £7.99 per mask. I find that too pricey, if I could get a pack of three for that price then they might be quite nice for this time of year.

Pros My skin does feel plump and bright

Cons Not readily available on the high street

Thanks for reading
Kara xx

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